In the month, 4 places need to focus on the nursing mother! No sequelae! Sohu – 66814

In the month, 4 places need to focus on the nursing mother! No sequelae! The Sohu will give the baby mother and new mother often buy a lot of feeding, personal care products, and for their attention, is at rest, multi nutritional supplement, in fact the yard can not be ignored for their mothers, breast, abdomen or vagina mouth is the important place of care, in order to make a better recovery and you should also for himself and additions to your supplies. A new focus of nursing: oral yard, hormones in the body of mother, Shaoshiduocan also increased the burden of oral, so keep the mouth is very important. Suggested that the mother ready to safer, less irritating ingredients in toothpaste, and can clean the oral rinse whenever and wherever possible maternal slobber. Key: two nursing mothers breast pregnancy and postpartum lactation is a major test of the female breast. If you can not take good care of the chest is likely to sag, deformation, small. Breast massage, keep breast cleaning and wearing the right bra is breast nursing points of the yard. Breast massage massage mom can use pure natural skin care oil, to help open the milk tube, nourish sensitive skin and prevent chapped. When the breast chap, be sure to use immediately can accelerate the wound healing effects of emergency medicine nipple soothing cream, both pain and skin repair. So after the end of lactation, insist on the use of whitening milk, can tighten skin, fade spots, reduce breast ptosis, areola deep condition. Clean breast under normal circumstances, the mother can use 100% fine water constituents of cleaning cotton, if breast chap can be used with 0.02% disinfectant disinfection cotton mild pain. For milk, mother to use long-term galactorrhea pad, keep the nipple persistent dry and sanitary, avoid skin rupture. Wear a bra yard breast enlargement, with steel support, support mode and good effect to the nursing bra bowl during the day, night to leisure vest can make breast better relax. If the chest is not a great mother, at home can also use a more casual maternity bra. Key: three nursing mothers postpartum abdomen abdomen: to the birth of new life, mother’s abdominal muscle is stretched and abdominal skin is opened, it widens the pelvis. Some mothers in confinement on the abdomen is not controlled, while others are eager to let things drift, abdomen, postpartum days rush abdomen belt. In fact, these two extremes are not conducive to the recovery of postpartum abdominal. Help postpartum abdominal recovery, be in the yard in the pelvis, pelvic contraction in postpartum weeks, combined with the specific circumstances of natural delivery or caesarean delivery, the correct use of caesarean section or abdomen with abdomen with special delivery. To improve the abdominal relaxation and stretch marks: to deal with abdominal relaxation and obvious use of the essence of stretch marks cream. Key: four new mothers nursing privates after childbirth, lochia is likely to continue for 7 days will gradually eliminate, sanitary napkins postpartum special to use this period of time. If it is a natural birth mother, privates wound recovery may also have to spend a little time. The need for disinfection and cleaning, you can use a mild sense of sterile cotton. )相关的主题文章:

TPP China scheme It is all up with will become the focus of the APEC summit luonv

TPP "China scheme It is all up with" will become the focus of the summit of the APEC original title: TPP "Chinese scheme It is all up with" will become the focus of the APEC summit Chinese Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Chen Xiaoru (APEC) the twenty-fourth APEC informal leadership meeting will be held in Peru’s capital Lima to 20 days on November 19th. Although the theme of the summit is "high quality growth and human development", but the United States after the election of the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP) and a potential alternative to the fate, will become the main topic of the leaders of the intensive consultations. Obama made a final push APEC summit in Peru is the last diplomatic visit to Obama as president of the United States to save TPP, hoped with the appearance of his political legacy, now have to face the TPP will likely settle a matter by leaving it unsettled embarrassment. However, he still said it would use the space of APEC summit meet all TPP leaders, and to promote the entry into force of the TPP. TPP was launched in 2002 by APEC members in New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei to promote trade liberalization in the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, TPP negotiations started, and eventually made a substantial breakthrough in October 5, 2015, the United States, Japan and other 10 Pan Pacific countries agreed on the TPP. February 4, 2016, the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, 12 countries signed the TPP agreement. But the TPP to take effect, but also the need for the 12 legislative bodies (parliament, parliament) approved by. The 12 countries had signed TPP have vowed that to promote the entry into force of the TPP in this year, but a U.S. presidential election completely disrupted the process of TPP. The British "Guardian" website in November 12th entitled "the White House admitted that Congress will put TPP into the toilet," the report said, in view of the house and Senate not a formal handover of power in January 20th next year before the Congress to discuss the TPP agreement, and President elect Trump almost every day to attack this agreement, the TPP agreement in the United States almost dead set the. Although the TPP dead effect in the entire Asia Pacific region continues to ferment, but Obama said in November 17th that it will continue to lobby Congress to approve TPP. Obama is also the same as the last attempt to save the TPP as well as Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and Singaporean Prime Minister, Mr. Andouble has a strong push TPP agreement in November 10th, Japan’s parliament approved the next day, he also stressed that "will use every opportunity to urge the United States and other countries signed as soon as possible to complete the domestic procedures, and can not passively wait for the attitude of the United States, but to improve the opportunity to take effect as soon as possible in Japan under the leadership of". Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong to Trump propaganda says, if he was cancelled after TPP, that "for those of us who actively for the negotiations, is disappointing". On the contrary, some countries have decided to give up. Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu November 17th Peng相关的主题文章:

The first steam car CEO the new deal is not about us tailor

The first steam car CEO: the new deal is not about us about CEO Wei Dong Shouqi car tailored "Beijing Beijing car" that "Beijing city network booking taxi business service management implementation details" become the network about the car market blockbuster, at the same time, it also let the network about the car dubbed the "National team" about the first steam the car "lying" benefit. For a time, the car about the new deal is tailored to the national team in the industry to spread the argument. The first steam car about CEO Wei Dong yesterday accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing Daily reporter, for the new deal, the market structure to its layout and plan to do a detailed description. Look at their Beijing Daily: what are the new car about cars, action and layout? Wei Dong: on the one hand, we include on-line accessibility network about cars, more accurate products; on the other hand, according to the Beijing, Shanghai and other city near the ground network about car rules, we will be in the driver, vehicle and operation are in accordance with the local regulations on the basis, continue to increase transport security, which includes increasing owned vehicles, including strengthening cooperation with local partners. Beijing Daily: Policy after Beijing "Beijing Beijing car" network about the new car to solicit opinions, with a view of the new deal is almost out in accordance with the existing mode of the car about cars. Wei Dong: this statement is not objective. The car is not in accordance with the new policy about network about cars and the existing model Shouqi formulation, but we follow the direction of policy is trying to do some things. In a sense, before about Shouqi car project on-line, national and local policies or guidance has not been issued, we just try to do within the scope of policy. At that time, we learn from the enterprises in the same industry technology, business model and cooperation model, in the premise of policy compliance, try as much as possible, of course, after the relevant policies of the state and the draft issued, we are really looking forward to the policy landing. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to set rules before we do things together. Beijing Daily: how about the car headed the first mover advantage? Wei Dong: indeed, the Beijing market, we are currently the most close to the policy, but from the national one to one policy point of view, we are faced with the problems faced by other platforms is the same. Look at the industry Beijing Daily: in accordance with the current draft to operate, the network about the new deal may make the current big platform subversive. Wei Dong: we understand that the introduction of local policy, network about cars to implement a policy system, all will be based around the traffic development level, city traffic demand to decide how to manage the network about the car, and not from a perspective of unilateral enterprise development demands a. Look at the future of Beijing Business Daily: the future pattern of the industry will be what kind of change? Wei Dong: after all the official policy of the floor, will supply clear standards, some low-end models currently existing market clearing platform, select the high-end models into the service field, at the same time, strict supervision for access to the driver. Therefore, in the future of the industry pattern, in the direction and framework of government control, in the frame and direction within the scope of the search for competition and breakthrough point of their own, choose the optimization platform and upgrade the existing platform. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter Fang Binnan and Sun Wei recommended: concern AI generation.相关的主题文章:

Burst documentary I am in the Imperial Palace to repair artifacts, the film set file December (video

The explosion documentary "I’m in the Imperial Palace to repair cultural relics" movie file December "I’m in the Imperial Palace to repair cultural relics" file 12.16+ director Xiao Han said to have been shot down Tencent (the thousand entertainment news photography Xue Jianyu Qin Fuqiang camera) remember that produced a group of master Meng Da repair "I" in the the Imperial Palace cultural relics repair? Now, the film has been re edited, and it’s going to be on the big screen! The afternoon of November 8, 2016, the documentary film "I’m in the Imperial Palace repair cultural relics" press conference at the Imperial Palace Museum Jianfu palace garden Jingsheng Zhai meeting, announced that the film will be released in December 16th set file. The film’s director, Yao Qian, Xiao Han music writer Song Jirong Dan Jixiang green demon, vice president, Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum and cultural protection department repair division Wang Youliang, Qu Feng and other guests full debut of the event. "Super" tongue "watercress score Nirvana in Fire" "artisan spirit" big screen "landing in the Imperial Palace I repair cultural relics" series published in January 2016 in the CCTV broadcast, the true record of the repair process of precious cultural relics, these people show skills and inheritance of national intangible cultural heritage of the daily work and life, show the original appearance of the Imperial Palace relics superb technology and restoration of cultural relics, cultural relics record doctor "and their" resurrection of cultural relics". After the broadcast quickly became popular network, at B station gained high popularity, nearly 2 million hits, watercress score up to 9.4 points, more than the same as the explosion of a documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" and the hit series "Nirvana in Fire", has become one of the most influential documentary of the year. Wang Jincheng watch repair division in the eyes of the man of God, even the "Royal cat" has become a "star". Drama version of the rapid spread of good reputation, fermentation, especially in young people by the Blitz, so many users expect to be able to see the sequel. Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, "I take cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace drama version of success is contained in the Imperial Palace Museum artisan spirit public attention and sparked resonance and reflection. The builders are called "Carpenter", because they have some skills, this skill can be through the accumulation of time, hidden in the "Practice makes perfect." skills behind, there is a deeper spiritual connotation. Xiao Han director said that the film version of the release, one hand is to respond to the expectations of the fans, on the other hand is to use their own efforts to make the documentary as a true film type into Chinese film market, let the audience have more choices. Hope that we can once again pay attention to the spirit of the spirit of neglect. The originality of "shock born singer Chen Li poster creation singing the theme song" in the the Imperial Palace film I repair cultural relics "and the show version of the biggest difference is: the new creators added value because of the movie. Liao Qingsong Yao Qian is a music clip as guidance, guidance and words of the theme song for the film, singer Chen particle composed and sang the theme song, the blind pianist Huang Yuxiang, piano, Yan Ren picture photography. In addition, there are a lot of love for the film’s creators are for this movie help, so that the documentary can take a new temperament to the big screen. The opening scene of the 6 "country of ingenuity" poster by the famous poster designer.相关的主题文章:

The electricity supplier network of red with live new ways of Tragedy live also documented appointme yezimei

The electricity supplier network of red with live new ways of Tragedy: live to posts Beijing daily news (reporter Shao Lanjie) has just become a major electricity supplier hot marketing tool for live or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The State Press and Publication Administration issued the "notice" on the strengthening of network audio-visual programs broadcast on service management, does not hold "institutions and personal information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" will face the threshold of live. Notice that the card does not hold audio-visual organizations and individuals can not carry out personal show live, can not do news, variety and other types of audio-visual programs may operate audio-visual programs broadcast channel. At present, not only the proliferation of live broadcast, live has become a major electricity supplier marketing Festival gimmick. According to incomplete statistics, this year "6· 18" period, LETV mall, and other online shopping platforms are "trying to live + electricity + Red Net". For electricity providers, live fully exposed a variety of marketing good fusion of this form of large flow, network reds and brand effect. Due to the audio-visual card compared to the Ministry of culture, network culture operation license requires more conditions and qualifications, it is difficult to apply. Ali, and other online mall responsible for the webcast to hearing threshold, no clear reply. Only when the introduction of the specific implementation details of the future will be the first time according to the requirements to promote.相关的主题文章: