02Fang Xinghai make sure the Shenzhen hemagogue opened brokerage has set up a special group|Fang Xinghai make sure the Shenzhen hemagogue opened brokerage has set up a special group4

Fang Xinghai: make sure the Shenzhen hemagogue opened brokerage has set up a special group of Phoenix Financial News on August 25th news, the day before, in order to promote Hong Kong through all the preparatory work, China Commission Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through a special working group chaired in Xinghai Group Shenzhen Shenzhen Hong Kong through the work of the forum, listen to the work of Shenzhen exchange, Chinese settlement and part of the securities company to progress reports and opinions and suggestions, and work related to the deployment, to ensure that during the opening of the Shenzhen tong. Since the launch of Shanghai and Hong Kong through the pilot, the overall smooth and orderly operation, has withstood the test of the market, and achieve the desired objectives, and provides valuable experience for Shenzhen, and lay a solid foundation. August 16th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued the joint announcement, the market parties to prepare to work faster. Shenzhen four has completed the main work rules, to be in the near future to the market for public comment, the two exchanges and mutual Clearing Corp technology system development and simulation testing has been completed, the work in an orderly way. Recently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and settlement China jointly issued to start work notice, the requirements of the relevant market institutions to jointly participate in the preparatory work started. Relevant securities companies have set up a special group to strengthen organizational security, in Shanghai and Hong Kong has been completed on the basis of technology development, is expected to quickly complete the preparatory work. Fang Xinghai stressed that the Shenzhen Tong is the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and a major deployment of capital market reform and opening up, marking the Chinese capital market in the internationalization and the direction of the market and has taken a solid step, to strengthen cooperation in Hongkong and on a larger scale, higher level and deeper extent, enhance the economic ability international competitiveness and service entity of China’s capital market, the Commission Party attaches great importance to this work. Parties to participate in the forum said that under the unified arrangements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, carefully organized and closely cooperate to ensure the completion of the scheduled start to ensure smooth start, safe operation. In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that China is said to be intended to open in mid December through deep. Yesterday, according to the twenty-first Century economic report, since August 22nd announced the launch of Shenzhen Tong, Shenzhen and China settlement Shenzhen branch jointly issued a document requiring brokers to related technical and professional preparation. Shenzhen Tong has entered the stage of practical operation. From the twenty-first Century Economic Report