04Rio third game China delegation won 6 gold 7 Silver 7 copper – Beijing|Rio third game China delegation won 6 gold 7 Silver 7 copper – Beijing5

Rio third game: China delegation won 6 gold 7 Silver 7 copper – Beijing from Beijing at the beginning of last night, the Paralympic Games into the third match day, in athletics, weightlifting, cycling and other 7 categories, a total of 48 gold medals, in the third game, Chinese delegation won 6 gold 7 silver and 7 bronze. At present, the Chinese delegation to 26 gold, silver, copper, a total of 69 medals, the results continue to top the list of the top 19 in the world. China track and field team added 1 gold 2 silver and 1 bronze on the field, Chinese team added 1 gold 2 silver and 1 bronze, a total of 4 medals, including Yang Liwan to win the absolute advantage of women shot F54 games, can be described as difficult adversary. Yang Liwan throwing events in the Paralympic Games women’s superior strength, the Paralympic Games in London she is female shot F54 level and F54 level of the women’s Javelin champion, winning score was to break the world record. Rio Yang Liwan to participate in the Paralympic Games, shot, javelin and discus iron project competition. Although already 38 years old, but her competitive state is still excellent, the results of all the 6 throw in more than 7 meters above the second, and the runner up of the project is the result of the acquisition of the card is 6.86 meters. Yang Liwan needs only her own. Finally, Yang Liwan to second vote 7 meters 89 achievements won the gold medal. The men’s 100 m T36 finals is the fierce competition, the 3 players Chinese team, located at second Yang Yifei road gold strength, Ukraine’s Pav Lake is the defending champion. But after the game, Pav Lake due to two false start foul ejected. Again after the start, Yang Yifei rushed in the front, and to maintain a large lead, but in the second half of Malaysia’s Mohammed is catching up. In the end, Yang Yifei to 12 seconds of personal best harvest of 1 silver medals in the top 20. The other two players China car crown and Xu Ran failed to medal, but also both ran personal season best. Create a personal best season and participated in the women’s Javelin F37 finals Chinese player Mina, she won 18 of the 30 meters to win the silver medal. Jia Qianqian third. Host contestant Coelho the greater advantage of gold. The absolute strength of Yuan Yanping achieved three consecutive Judo China game players also have an gold medal, Yuan Yanping won the women’s 70 kg for the blind Judo champion. The blind Judo women’s 70 kg class final, dressed in blue uniforms Chinese against Uzbekistan player Yuan Yanping Ali Mo Va, as a veteran, Yuan Yanping’s ability to grasp the opportunity is very strong, she used a game (solid technology) to conquer the hands, but also conquered the audience, Yuan Yanping won the final 70 kg for the gold medal, she also achieved three consecutive Paralympic games. But before the end of the blind Judo women’s 70 kg class competition, China’s Zhou Qian won a high voice, but due to injury in the game, players beat Zhou Qian by Venezuela in 14 finals, missed the medal. Four years ago, the London Paralympic Games, Zhou Qian won a bronze medal in the project. After four years, Zhou Qian hard training, never stop the pace of progress, in 2014, the Inchon Paralympic games.