07Awkward! IBF ranked country feather a top down Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei|Awkward! IBF ranked country feather a top down Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei4

Awkward! IBF ranked country feather a top down Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei sina sports news Beijing on September 24th news, the Thursday World Badminton Federation announced the latest issue of the world rankings, South Korea has been given a mixed doubles combination of Kim Ha Neul overtake Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei for the first time the world’s first summit, which also means that the Chinese badminton team in five single, no one to occupy the top, which is very rare in the history of the country feather in recent years. The men’s singles, "brother Li Zongwei still topped the list, Chen long and Lin Dan followed in 2 and 3, the Danish duo A Sai Person and Jorgensen ranked fourth and fifth in sixth, Tian wei. Hongkong’s China Wu Long up to two to ninth, the Englishman Osef also small rise 2, broke into the top ten. Indonesia ace Sugiarto and Denmark veteran Wietling Hus were down 2, eleventh and twelfth respectively. Other Chinese players, a small rise in Wang Zhengming 1 to nineteenth, Dan Yuqi continues to rank thirty-second, Huang Yuxiang ranked thirty-fourth, Qiao Bin ranked forty-fourth, an increase of forty-seventh to Xue song. The women’s singles, Spain’s Ma Lin Li Xuerui to continue at the top of the list, ranked second, has announced its withdrawal from the national team Wang Yihan came to a small rise in third, Thailand prodigy La Ratchanok ranked fourth, Japanese star Okuhara wants to drop out of the top three to fifth, also left the national team Wang Shixian ranked sixth. Chinese other players, Sun Yu rose 1 to eleventh, He Bingjiao is fifteenth, Chen Yufei is listed as forty-fifth. Men’s doubles, the South Korean team continues to show its strong dominance, before the fifth three of South Korea combination. Lee Yong Dae, Liu Yanxing continued topped the list, the other on the South Korean star Kim Jin Lang is ranked second, Zhang Nan Fu Haifeng relegated to the third, Biaohong Chai Wei ranked fourth, South Korea combined high Hyun Shen zhe Bai a small rise to fifth. Other combinations of China, Li Junhui ranked fourteenth in the world, Wang Yi Zhang Zhang steady position in the top twenty-second, Liu Xiaolong ranked in the top twenty-third in the United States, the Chinese version of the list of the world’s top three in the world. The number of Chinese and foreign countries in the world, the number of Chinese people in the world. The women’s doubles, Japan combination Songyou MISA Ji Takahashi Lihua topped the list, followed by Yuanting Yu Yang Tang, Zheng Jingyin Shen Shengzan ranked third in South Korea combined. Indonesia combines Mahesh Wali Polly in fourth sisters, Luo Luo Yu won a small rise to fifth, quit the national team Tian Qing Zhao Yunlei ranked seventh. The other China portfolio, Huang Yaqiong Tang Jinhua ranked twelfth, Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan is listed as fourteenth. Mixed doubles, South Korea combined high Hyun Kim Ha Neul overtake Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei the world’s first summit, the Rio Olympic champion Ahmad Nasir ranked third, another of Indonesia Jordan Susanto rose two to fourth Jin, Xu Chenma ranked fifth. Other combinations of China, Lu Kai, a small rise of came to the ninth, the package of the back of the pack of Liu Cheng to $tenth. (birdsong)