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The "red yellow power", the Orangemen this work?   – Sports – people.com.cn yesterday from the national team China soccer team played in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in September 1st 12 strong Asian Cup campaign and South Korea game, there is a whole week. Chinese team shirt sponsor officially announced a new shirt in the foot, which is still a continuation of the previous "home court Jersey Chinese red", and is away from white to yellow in the past. Currently, the country is preparing for the war in Shenyang. Fans joke, "red yellow power" are used, this time the Orangemen qualified? The new shirt shirt: "red and yellow with" the Orangemen had been missed the 3 World Cup Asian Zone final stage of the competition. With this year’s break into 12 strong Asian Games, New Jersey’s shirt sponsor, Nike company has designed a pattern for the team like armor. Chinese football midfielder Huang Bowen tried on a new shirt and said, "the new kit such as armour general pattern inspired us full of energy and the pitch battle." It is worth mentioning that the National Football Jersey is red and white color in quite a long period of time, and this is red, yellow road home court. This Away Jersey and Chinese women’s volleyball team to participate in the finals of the Olympic Games in the yellow jersey style similar. And in September 1st, the 12 strong Asian game is away to the South Korean team, which means that the country will debut at the foot wearing the yellow jersey appearance. However, this is not the first China men dressed in yellow jersey race. Back in the early 80s of last century, the country had to go through the yellow jersey World Cup qualifiers, but the color was yellow. Charter: logistics under the original capital country foot for the 12 strong Asian Games, the football association has China strong logistical support. The first is the 5 road trip, in accordance with the current plan, the country is expected to take all the charter flight away, the football association is expected to pay millions of dollars for this expenditure. The Football Association said, hoping to enhance the Orangemen for efficiency, reduce international travel due to produce physical fatigue and injuries, respect and feedback in this arrangement is for the club to support the national team. Football Association has also increased to participate in the Asian Games in the top 12 winning prize. The last World Cup, Chinese football game winning prize is only 500 thousand yuan. And this time, if the country enough to break from the 12 race, qualify for the World Cup finals, will receive a $60 million bonus. Even failed to qualify, the country’s single game winning bonus is as high as 3 million yuan. In addition, the first away match against the Korean team, China Chinese fans to win the Football Association for nearly twenty thousand tickets. Because of the two countries are close neighbors, not far away, there will be a lot of China fans to help out, the Orangemen will be in Seoul World Cup Stadium feel people singing the national anthem, warm atmosphere for their cheering in unison. Kanghan veteran Zheng Zhi is very calm: of course, the most important factors of football game or two teams competition. It should be said that in this regard, the Chinese team in this group did not defeat any team’s absolute grasp. And the first line with the group of popular South Korean team contest, the results may affect the morale of the country and the future of the foot