0German media to resolve the crisis of emigration to get rich can follow the example of China’|German media to resolve the crisis of emigration to get rich can follow the example of China’

German media: resolve immigration crisis rich & nbsp; can follow the successful example of China – International – People’s Network Radio France Internationale January 31 news said, the famous German national economists von Weitz G in German "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" resolve immigration published a lengthy article said, there is a way, that is affected by the suffering of the south of the country to learn from the success of the northern countries, let oneself become a successful and wealthy countries. China is such a successful transformation of the model. Feng Wei Metzger wrote, approached the success mode is all citizens of the world to pursue. Large numbers of immigrants have a very simple model, namely by war and suffering, and the population excess afflicted people from their homes and find ways to enter safe and there is bread and opportunities for the country to take root and blossom. With the current influx of refugees as an example, the success of the North has become the goal of the people. Any Jihad rampant place all turbulent. Taliban, the "base" organization, "Islamic state" destroyed many people’s homes. For the victims, the cost of abandoning their homes is so low. And the right of asylum, rich country under the rule of law give refugee assistance and aid agencies to help avoid the repatriation of refugees, to result in migration costs reached epic proportions of the ebb tide. Therefore, the migration from the south to the rich north of the north will be greater. However, the report said. Von Weitz G pointed out, to the success of the north, in addition to individuals have rushed to the north, there is a way, that is of the country and the people to work together, the own country create a successful country. Rich north to cut immigration, it is necessary to vigorously stimulate the south to go this way, it can be said that China is the road. Feng Wei Terry Metzger said that China successfully to their people pointed out that a road. Its core is to rich countries learning. The Chinese mainly export to rich countries to learn the market economy. Export employment and hope. China in 1978 also very poor in a short period of time on a substantial improvement in the living standards of the people. Today, there is no influx of Chinese refugees to the phenomenon of rich countries, but the Chinese tourists to spend a lot of money around the world. Rich north to help southern countries to take the path of China, we must first stimulate the export of southern countries to the rich countries of the north.