0Guangxi to achieve more than 50 4A level scenic spots free Internet – Sohu news|Guangxi to achieve more than 50 4A level scenic spots free Internet – Sohu news

Guangxi during the year to achieve 50 over 4A level scenic spots free Internet – Sohu News Xinhua Nanning, February 24 news (reporter he fenglun), Guangxi will vigorously develop "Internet + tourism" convenience service system, and strive to achieve this year 50 4A level scenic area free wireless internet access (including 4a). Autonomous Region Tourism Committee of the relevant responsible person introduced, Guangxi has made it clear to vigorously promote the wisdom of tourism, but due to a wide range of points of tourist attractions, many high-quality tourist attractions at karst topography and landform, poor signal in the mountains, in many places has not yet been achieved WiFi coverage. At the same time, Guangxi travel, self driving travel and other kinds of experiential tourism and deep tourism demand is growing, the demand for mobile Internet is growing. Involving in response to these circumstances, Guangxi will speed up tourism distributing centers, airports, railway stations, hotels, restaurants and other tourist site in the wireless Internet environment construction, for visitors to provide convenient and fast mobile Internet environment, enhance tourism public information service ability. Area wireless Internet construction work started this year, visitors to play in the future in the area, you can send their own travel experience in real time to the circle of friends.