0Micha and survive! Italy AC media exposure Milan will not consider coaching|Micha and survive! Italy AC media exposure Milan will not consider coaching

Micha and survive! AC Milan, the Italian media exposure temporarily do not consider Huanshuai Garcia and Mihajlovic are temporarily saved coach of sina sports dispatch on Saturday night’s League, AC Milan away game 1-1 draw with Roma. Instability of two coach coach Sinisa Mihajlovic and Garcia was a respite, according to Tuttosport, AC Milan and Roma in the second half of the race saved Mihajlovic. According to the Italy media had said, AC Milan boss Berlusconi on Friday to call Galliani, told him as long as he can not win Rome, Serbia, immediately dismissed the people. However, things have changed after the game, AC Milan despite the failure to win, but the second half of the performance is still satisfied with the fans and the boss, Berlusconi temporarily abandon the idea of hiring him. This week, AC Milan and the Italian Cup to play, due to the advantage of group draw, AC Milan this season scored the possibility of the Italian Cup final is very big, the team does not want because Huanshuai affect the team’s morale. Currently AC Milan temporarily ranked eighth in the league, 5 points behind the last Rome team in the Champions League. Mihajlovic again survived the battle of life and death, but he in the game because kicking a bottle of mineral water was ejected, a game can not run command, this is him this season for the second time was expelled. (blue)