10 villages were rated beautiful Hebei, the most beautiful ancient villages and towns-beself

10 the village was named the "beautiful Hebei ancient villages and towns" protection of traditional villages, retain nostalgia. In October 28th, "the most beautiful Hebei ancient villages" ceremony held in the ancient beautiful Shexian County Dawa village. In March this year, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation launched the most beautiful Hebei ancient villages and towns "exhibition and selection activities, the province’s total of 55 finalists in the ancient villages and towns, through expert review, Internet voting and other sectors, the final Shexian County Dawa village of Jingxing County in the village, Shahe City, Weixian County Songjiazhuang Wang Naocun village 10 the village was the most beautiful Hebei ancient town" title, Shexian County Wang Jin Zhuang Cun Zhang Jia Lou Cun, Fengfeng mining area in Xingtai County, Ying Tan Village 45 village by the beautiful Hebei and charm of ancient villages and towns "title. The ancient town is an important carrier of agricultural culture heritage, it carries the material and non-material cultural heritage, is an important spiritual food to transmit national blood, influence of national character." Vice chairman of federation party secretary, said Jie Xiaoyong, the most beautiful ancient villages selected, to show the history of Hebei, the natural and cultural beauty, mobilize social forces to participate in the protection and development of ancient villages and towns, promote the construction of the beautiful Hebei will play an important role in promoting. (Hebei Daily reporter Liu Jianying)相关的主题文章: