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10 year old girl was seriously wounded mother is now out of danger in the ICU of the Sichuan news network November 14th Luzhou Yuanyuan (reporter Yue Dong Li Chunyu photo coverage) the evening of November 10th, Yibin Nanxi Xian Lin Zhen family disputes, a 10 year old girl was mother Ma Rong of the two fingers cut off, the neck was cut. After the incident, Nanxi police quickly involved in the investigation. Currently, the child is being treated in hospital, has been out of danger. 13 PM, in Luzhou, Southwest China University of medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of the second floor of the intensive care, the Sichuan news network reporter saw anxiously waiting at the door of Ma Xianyun. Ma Xianyun is the biological father, after the incident came back from Guangdong to see her daughter. "The finger has been stitched, temporarily out of danger, but also for second tracheal surgery." Talking about her daughter’s injury, Ma Xianyun sad cry. Ma Xianyun told reporters that he worked in Yunnan more than and 10 years ago, met a woman in Yunnan, after the combination of the education of the children of 1 children and 1 women, but did not get a marriage certificate. In 2008, the child’s mother ran away from home, still have no news. In 2010, sister Ma Rong saw his brother alone raising two children, the youngest daughter Baoyang over, renamed Wang Yuan. Local villagers said, Ma Rong and his family the child as her own, very love. Yuan Yuan’s grandfather, the day of the incident, the family only child grandmother, daughter-in-law and granddaughter 3. Grandma in the downstairs kitchen, granddaughter and daughter in the upstairs bedroom. Ma Rong holding is a dish knife family. Before the incident did not hear the quarrel and cry for help, what causes the tragedy they do not know. According to Ma Xianyun introduction, after the incident, Ma Rong climbed his roof ready to jump off the roof. After the discovery of her husband Wang Hong, downstairs with both hands to catch the fall of his wife, both injured. The local villagers found my neck was cut and bleeding, two fingers of his right hand chopped off the palm of the hand is missing, badly mutilated, lying on the two floor window, has been in a coma. Villagers had said the scene, Ma Rong was covered with blood before jumping, completely ignore his persuasion. After the incident, Nanxi District Public Security Bureau police quickly rushed to the rescue. Subsequently, Ma Rong and Wang Hongjun was sent to Nanxi people’s Hospital for treatment. The daughter Yuan Yuan was seriously injured and sent overnight to Nanxi Hospital of Luzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in treatment. (a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: