106 years old! The oldest old man in Haining is able to work hard.-pretty rhythm

106 years old! The oldest person in Haining to work in good health but also two elderly people in Jiaxing Haining, the oldest, is a home (Jianshan District) Huang Wan Zhen Zha Kou Cun Pei Akio granny, born in September 1, 1911. One is Shen Dabao old Shen Dabao, who lived in the village of Yue Village, No. 30 in December 1911. Ruddy, hale and hearty, cooking cook, act as a go-between…… It’s hard to believe that if it’s not my own eyes, Baeaki O’s old man is 106 years old. Son to accompany granny sewed the button on the Pei Pei, Granny did not wear glasses. "My mother has been living in his own life, keeping a good habit of living, and persisting in mowing and sweeping the ground every day." Son Chen Furong said. Pei Lao Tai is so agile that he has no difficulty in communicating, and insists on cutting grass every day. Because of the age, children and grandchildren worried about the accident, called her not to mow the grass, but she still insisted on cutting grass. Pei granny said, because I have been accustomed to work, do not work but feel empty, do not adapt to the East West touch to do some chores every day, so just feel comfortable. Her grandson even hid his sickle, but she was always nagging and not happy in her heart. She cut grass in her own home or in the village, and cut three basket of grass to feed the sheep every day. Pei Lao Tai is good for people, not to quarrel with others, but also often do good. Ma Pei neighbor uncle said, Akio young to go on the road, see others carry things, always stop to help others get busy; some villagers home, lack of labor, she will help the family without demur to do farm work, not return. "Now she can walk two kilometers to the street to buy vegetables, without crutches." Pei granny fathered 1 sons and 3 daughters, her husband has died, his son Chen Furong is more than 70 years old. She has 1 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Eat light, work and rest law, little cold Pei Lao Tai usual eat very light, with the main vegetable, not picky. Eat only two or three times a month. Most of the vegetables are own, and occasionally go to the streets to buy vegetables. Breakfast, Pei granny used to drink a small bowl of porridge, plus a boiled egg; eat a small bowl of rice at noon and in the evening. Although the daughter and son always buy some supplements to Pei granny, but she rarely eat tonic. Every March and April, when the weather begins to warm up, Pei Lao gets up at 5 in the morning, burning porridge, boiling water and doing housework. She has no habit of taking a lunch break. She usually sleeps more than 7 points in the evening, and she takes care of her daily life. Pei Lao Tai is very frugal, a month can not spend a few dozen yuan of the living expenses. "Now the party and the government are very concerned about our old people, with a monthly allowance of 300 yuan. After the festival, the village cadres also come to see, I live very happily. " Said Pei Lao Tai. Pei Lao She seldom has a cold at ordinary times. "My mother has always been in good health, a dozen years ago, my son in the factory to work out of the accident, life can not take care of themselves, all by my mother to take care of life, home cooking, cooking, washing clothes." Son Chen Furong said. The 106 year old Shen Dabao and daughter love than blood concentration in Xieqiao town music in rural areas of Haining City, 80 year old Shen Fengxian, the 106 year old mother Shen Dabao meticulous care, clean clothes and Shen Dabao looked refreshed. The villagers said, now the old Shen Fengxian can take over a hundred of the good care of Shen Bao, "is really a good daughter!" But in fact, Shen Fengxian is only Shen Dabao’s daughter. They are not pro mother and daughter, mother and daughter but feelings than blood concentration, terms of endearment, the story has become a local story. In 2013, Shen Fengxian was named "ten filial piety stars oblique Town, Haining city in 2014 was named" top ten daughters ", selected in March 2016 Zhejiang good". 21 years ago, the father died, Shen Fengxian will carry the burden of the family, without complaint, take care of day in and day out was almost blind Shen bao. On weekdays, Shen Dabao said the most sentence is: "the Impatiens, the family is thanks to you!" Mr. and Mrs. Shen Dabao had no children, and had adopted a son before Shen Feng impatien, 8 years older than Shen Fengxian. Shen Fengxian came home, son has gone to Shanghai as an apprentice. Is not the daughter of Shen Fengxian, but Shen Dabao has her own child, and for her love. Shen Fengxian hour has a weak constitution, systemic a red rash, body itch, father carrying Shen Fengxian walked more than 10 kilometers to the doctor, the mother is taken care of. This simple love, let Shen Fengxian feel warm, let her into the new home. Later, Shen Fengxian married Ye Arong, who had been adopted as the daughter of Shen Dabao and the daughter-in-law of the adoptive mother. After marriage, she went to Shanghai with her husband, but the feelings of her and Shen Dabao were still strong. Shen Fengxian has four children, and every time he is born, Shen Dabao is always relieved to go to Shanghai to take care of its daughter. Usually, Shen Fengxian in Shanghai, also always miss in the home of the parents, on New Year’s day, the couple will return to Haining to visit my parents, they are often the parents to stay in Shanghai. In memory of Shen Fengxian, Shen Dabao love to see the drama, when Xie Qiao Zhen Huang Dun Cun drama team dataichangxi, Shen Dabao holding her to go to the theatre. Watching the make-up actors on the stage vividly deduce all kinds of stories, making Shen Fengxian an eye opener. To Shanghai, Shen Fengxian found the world opera performances more exciting, to stay in Shanghai when she Shen Dabao, Dabao excited zone with Shen to the big world theatre. She remember the first time she went to the big world to finish the play, and Shen Dabao’s shoes were trampled by one. Even so, the mother and daughter were happy to continue to immerse themselves in the aftertaste of the visual feast. Shen Dabao’s life has always been very happy. But in the year of 1995, Shen Dabao’s husband passed away. Although Shen Dabao was strong, he suffered from cataracts in both eyes. His left eye was almost blind, and his life was unable to take care of himself. Without much thought, Shen Fengxian gave up the urban life of Shanghai and returned to the countryside to take care of Shen Dabao’s daily living. It is said that the old man always carries some unpleasant smells, but the 105 year old Shen Dabao can’t smell it in the slightest. It can’t be separated from Shen Fengxian’s careful care. Under the care of the foster daughter, the old man is not only tidy, but even the bedclothes are clean. Shen Bao diet is very picky, do not eat tofu, steamed eggs do not eat, Shen Fengxian burned old people love to eat loofah scrambled eggs, meet the mother’s taste. Old people love to eat salted preserved vegetables, Shen Fengxian did not feel some nutrition, let her snack occasionally do. Eat fruit to pick soft, vegetables to stew, steamed steamed bread, steamed bun for 30 minutes at least… Shen Fengxian is very careful about the diet of her mother, considering that the old man has stomach trouble. In order to nourish the vegetables for the elderly, she squeezed all kinds of vegetable juice or boiled vegetables and filtered the soup to make gruel for her. Also often feed the food to the mouth of the mother, until the old people eat themselves to eat. Now, Shen Dabao is very dependent on Shen Fengxian, and as long as Shen Fengxian walks away, the old man will be in a hurry to call her name. When he heard the old man shouting, Shen Fengxian responded immediately, "Mom, I’m here. I’m here." Shen Dabao was relieved to hear the voice of his daughter. Shen Fengxian’s daughter in her mother’s filial piety under the influence, also from Shanghai to Haining, to help her mother to take care of my grandma. At present, Shen Fengxian’s three children are in the bridge to buy a house, take care of the elderly.

106岁!海宁最长寿老人身体硬朗 还能下地干活 嘉兴海宁最长寿的两位老人,一位是家住黄湾镇(尖山新区)闸口村的裴章男老太,出生于1911年9月1日。一位是家住斜桥镇乐农村叶家场27号的沈大宝老太,1911年12月30出生。红光满面,精神矍铄,烧饭做菜亲自下厨,穿针引线不含糊……如果不是亲眼所见,小编很难相信,裴章男老太已经有106岁了。儿子陪着裴老太缝补衣服上的纽扣,裴老太不戴老花眼镜。“我妈一直以来生活自理,保持良好的生活习惯,每天还坚持割草、扫地等劳动。”儿子陈甫荣说。裴老太思维敏捷,交流起来一点也不觉得费劲,每天还坚持割草。因年纪大了,儿孙们担心出事,叫她不要割草了,但她还是坚持割草。裴老太说,因为从小劳动,已经习惯了,空下来不做事反而感到不适应,每天总要东摸西摸做一些杂活,这样心里才感觉舒服。她孙子甚至把镰刀都藏好,但她总是唠叨着,心里不开心。她总在自家地上或在村子里割草,每天要割三篮草喂羊。裴老太为人厚道,不跟别人吵架,还经常做好事。邻居马大伯说,裴章男年轻时走在路上,看到别人拿不动东西时,总要停下来帮别人拿一下;农忙时,有的村民家里缺少劳动力,她二话不说就帮那户人家做农活,不求回报。“现在她能徒步两公里上街去买菜,不用拐杖。”裴老太育有1个儿子3个女儿,丈夫已病故,儿子陈甫荣也已经70多岁。她有1个孙子和2个曾孙。吃得清淡,作息规律,很少感冒裴老太平时吃得很清淡,以蔬菜为主,不挑食。一个月只吃两三次肉。蔬菜多是自家种的,偶尔上街去买菜。 早餐,裴老太习惯喝一小碗粥,再加上一个白煮蛋;中午和晚上都吃一小碗饭。虽然女儿和曾孙总要买一些滋补品给裴老太,但她很少吃滋补品。 每年三四月份天气开始暖和时,裴老太一般早上5点就起床,烧粥、烧水、做家务。她没有午休的习惯,晚上一般7点多睡觉,日常生活都由自己料理。 裴老太十分节俭,一个月也花不了几十元钱的生活费。“现在党和政府很关心我们老人,每月发300元的生活补贴。过年过节,村干部还来看望,我生活得很幸福。”裴老太说。裴老太平时很少感冒。“我母亲身体一直很好,十几年前,我儿子在厂里上班出了事故,生活不能自理,全靠我母亲照料生活,在家做饭、烧菜、洗衣服。”儿子陈甫荣说。106岁沈大宝与养女爱比血缘浓在海宁市斜桥镇乐农村,80岁的沈凤仙把106岁的养母沈大宝照顾得无微不至,衣着洁净的沈大宝看上去神清气爽。村民们说,现已高龄的沈凤仙能把年逾百岁的沈大宝照顾得这么好,“真是一个好女儿!”但事实上,沈凤仙只是沈大宝的养女。她们虽非亲母女,但母女感情比血缘浓,母女情深的故事已成为当地一段佳话。2013年沈凤仙被评为斜桥镇“十大孝星”,2014年被评为海宁市“十佳孝女”,2016年3月入选“浙江好人”。21年前,养父去世后,沈凤仙就扛起了家庭的重担,日复一日毫无怨言地照顾双目几乎失明的沈大宝。平日,沈大宝说得最多一句话便是:“凤仙,家里多亏有了你!”沈大宝夫妇没有孩子,在沈凤仙之前已领养了一个儿子,比沈凤仙年长8岁。沈凤仙来到家里时,养子已去了上海当学徒。虽非亲生女儿,但沈大宝对沈凤仙一直视如己出,对她爱护有加。沈凤仙小时体质较弱,有一次全身出红疹子,身上奇痒无比,养父背着沈凤仙走了10多公里去求医,养母则悉心照料。这种淳朴的爱,让沈凤仙倍感温暖,让她融入了新家。后来,沈凤仙嫁给了同被领养的叶阿荣,既做了沈大宝女儿,又做了养母的儿媳妇。婚后,她随丈夫去了上海生活,但她和沈大宝的感情依旧浓得化不开。沈凤仙有四个子女,每次生育沈大宝总放心不下,赶往上海照顾养女。平时,沈凤仙身在上海,也时刻挂念在老家的养父母,每逢过年,夫妻俩都会回海宁看望养父母,他们也时常把养父母接去上海小住。在沈凤仙的记忆中,沈大宝很爱看越剧,小时候斜桥镇黄墩村有戏班子搭台唱戏,沈大宝牵着她去看戏。看着舞台上化着妆的演员生动地演绎着各种故事,让沈凤仙大开眼界。到了上海后,沈凤仙发现大世界的越剧表演更精彩,在沈大宝来上海小住时,她便兴奋地带着沈大宝到大世界看戏。她至今清晰地记得,第一次去大世界看完戏,沈大宝的鞋子被人踩掉了一只。即便如此,母女俩还是开心地继续沉浸在视觉盛宴的回味中。 沈大宝的生活一直都很幸福。可就在1995年这一年,沈大宝的丈夫去世了,沈大宝虽然身体硬朗,但由于双眼患白内障,左眼几乎失明,生活无法自理。没有多想,沈凤仙毅然放弃了上海的都市生活,回到农村照顾起沈大宝的日常起居。都说老人身上总会带着一些难闻的气味,可105岁的沈大宝身上却丝毫闻不出来,这和沈凤仙的悉心照料分不开。在养女的照顾下,老人不仅穿戴整洁,连被褥都很干净。沈大宝饮食很挑剔,豆腐不要吃,蒸蛋不要吃,沈凤仙就烧老人爱吃的丝瓜炒蛋,满足养母的口味。老人爱吃腌制过的冬菜,沈凤仙觉得没营养,就偶尔做一些让她解解馋。吃水果要挑软的,蔬菜要炖烂的,馒头、包子起码蒸30分钟……沈凤仙对养母的饮食制作非常细致,考虑到老人有胃病,她为了给老人补充蔬菜的营养,就挤出各种蔬菜的汁液或煮烂蔬菜滤出汤汁,给她做粥喝。还经常把饭菜一口口地喂到养母嘴里,等到老人吃好自己才吃饭。现在,沈大宝对沈凤仙非常依赖,只要沈凤仙走开一步,老人就会着急得到处喊她名字。听到老人呼喊,沈凤仙就会立刻回应说:“妈妈,我在,我在这里。”听到养女的声音,沈大宝才放心。沈凤仙的女儿在母亲尽孝的熏陶下,也从上海回到海宁,帮助母亲一起照顾奶奶。目前,沈凤仙三个子女都在斜桥买了房子,轮流照顾老人。相关的主题文章: