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11 cats and dogs, become the new aspect of intelligent warehouse showdown – Sohu technology [Technews] the latest science news Tmall official data show that today at 3:19 in the afternoon, Tmall "double 11" turnover of more than 91 billion 200 million yuan, 8 hours ahead of the 2015 "double 11" broke the record all day long. Jingdong announced that the double 11 from 0 to 12 points, Jingdong’s sales grew by 12% last year, but Jingdong did not disclose specific sales. Under the Internet shopping enthusiasm, the two major electricity supplier platform using the technology of cloud computing, support the normal operation of "double 11" on the platform, but the new test followed: the massive commodity package even how to digest, and was quickly delivered to the hands of consumers? Intelligent warehousing will play a key role. First, under the Jingdong, it focuses on self, more pressure on the warehouse. In order to meet the "double 11" exam, X Department of Jingdong will use the technology of intelligent logistics laboratory has artificial intelligence, robots and other Jingdong to the logistics system, of course, can be called "black technology" is one of the Jingdong warehouse. Unmanned warehouse is designed to allow a large number of intelligent logistics robots work in a complex environment, so as to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs. For this scenario, handling robots, six axis robot (stacker), sorting robot and shuttle (for moving goods shelves in the stereo shelves) are sufficient to call up. Jingdong said that the use of unmanned warehouse will make the logistics costs decreased by 50%, storage efficiency is the traditional shelf storage efficiency of 10 times, the efficiency of the robot sorting is equivalent to the traditional labor force of 5 to 6 times. In contrast, Alibaba double 11 brings a lot of parcels from the courier company is responsible, but Ali did not ignore the construction of intelligent warehousing. Media reports, rookie network is located in Guangzhou automatic intelligent storage base used for domestic goods "system", consumers in the top business platform orders, empty boxes will be affixed with goods barcode scan code, then enter the automated track for goods shelves in the employee after as long as the goods into the box. It is reported that the consumer orders, the rookie network can be completed within 3 minutes of the wisdom of the fastest storage of goods from the package to find the operation, waiting to send. Compared with the traditional warehouse, rookie network processing efficiency of 30%, while the number of picking fell by 70%. At present, the main warehouse to undertake orders Tmall supermarket, but taking into account the rookie network in the field of intelligent logistics ambitions, this model is extended to the possibility of other courier companies in cooperation. In the future, the contest between the 11 pairs of cats and dogs, intelligent warehousing will also become a huge aspect. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: 36Kr)相关的主题文章: