11Pacheco War Yatai hoping to have the confidence to win the opponent goal (video)|Pacheco War Yatai hoping to have the confidence to win the opponent goal (video)3

Pacheco: War Yatai hoping to have the confidence to win the opponent goal [] like Suning home court 2-0 5 game winning streak Xie Pengfei Teixeira scored two TEDA Tencent sports September 20th tomorrow, the Super League will be the eighteenth round of the two games, the Tianjin TEDA home court and Changchun Yatai game, is considered to be the key to avoid relegation battle. In this regard, TEDA coach Pacheco said: "I love the players are working attitude, we actually played good games, the Jiangsu team and created the same many opportunities, but did not win, let me sad. There is a traditional Portuguese football team, is the north body Pinqiang is fierce, so it is China. We are a strong team, we have made a game analysis of their formation switching lot, such as 433 and 442, even play back five. This game we must do a good job, it is self-evident to the importance of the game, we have to win this game, there is no retreat. We will respect the opponent, seize the desire to win and fighting spirit, this game is a must win game. I am very confident that this confidence comes from training and competition." TEDA coach Pacheco for the team’s current situation, Pacheco said: "the league is also five, there are many uncertain factors, including win and relegation. Yatai recently on the road and a draw, we will use the good opportunity for 15 minutes before the home court, keep good attention to defense. We want to score first, let us win the game with ease, hope to have a positive result." When talking about the team avoid relegation pressure, old Palmer thinks, "for me, certainly hope to be able to lead the championship, but it cannot achieve such a situation. Starting from the angle of Yatai for them, a more difficult, is not acceptable. So we want to maintain a good attitude, our goal is to win." After Pacheco took office, the team played four games, each game has lost the ball, so how to avoid not to throw the ball against the Yatai game? Old Palmer replied: "let us take a ball of pure defensive formation, I did not want football. I advocate attacking and controlling football, of course, will also pay attention to defense. We will focus on the game, it is better to use the overall defense to suppress opponents." (Jin You)