12, double 11 Express Centre into a day for 3 days, express little brother.-helmet怎么读

12, double 11 Express Centre into a day for 3 days, express little brother live life on November 14th – 12 days of high-speed closed, Harbin ushered in the arrival of the peak double 11. The courier company Harbin volume is almost two times the usual volume, there are individual outlets and even three times more than usual. Arrival of the peak in the snow, express little brother very hard, also please understand. 13, Heilongjiang Branch Manager Li Yangqing in the morning 4 when he first started to take part, recently, work more than 18 hours a day has become the norm, the official opening night mode, "usually the site every day 800-900, yesterday rose to more than 2 thousand." A day for three days to live is very nervous, and meet snow, "the car battery did not dare to ride, only pushed." According to reports, Heilongjiang Huitong marketing department 12, Beijing Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan male high speed after the release, due to heavy snow stranded high-speed dual 11 day express concentration into the province, the last two days and a large number of new double 11 orders, 13 days arrive more than 30, is 1.5 times more than usual. At present, the company has started 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, distribution frequency also changed from two times a day to three times a day, with the goods to go with, to ensure maximum user first time receipt." Heilongjiang express 12, ushered in the arrival of the first two of the top of the peak of the day, nearly all of the arrival of the 600 thousand, is usually more than two times the amount of 11. General manager Yang Bo told reporters, in the opening of a new sorting center this year, the highest daily processing shipment 1 million, sorting staff also increased from 400 to 520, delivery personnel increased by more than 20%, this two days to catch up with the snow weather, many courier family together to help. As long as the high speed is not sealed, goods to Harbin second days, can be sent to the hands of consumers." The reporter learned from the provincial postal administration, this year our province during the double 11 mail, express business volume will be more than 30 million 379 thousand, an increase of 50% over last year, the highest daily processing volume may reach 3 million 856 thousand, growth of 60% over the same period last year, 2.2 times the daily processing volume, daily processing capacity of more than 3 million, 1.58 times daily processing.相关的主题文章: