13Dispute! Messi was missing Barcelona goal was offside penalty obviously escape (Figure)|Dispute! Messi was missing Barcelona goal was offside penalty obviously escape (Figure)2

Dispute! Messi was missing Barcelona goal was offside penalty obviously escape (Figure) Suarez was in an offside position on the road as sina sports despite receiving three points, but compared to the victory the previous field face city victory, but did not let the other players feel convincing. And the referee of the game Marion C some penalty, it is also worth discussing, several of his controversial penalty, to a certain extent, affected the process of the game. The first goal of the game twenty-second minutes Barcelona is controversial, in the shot of Messi, Suarez has been in the obvious offside position, and he is good at Messi shot on the line, and he jumped from the ball consciousness. From the slow motion of the game, Suarez really blocked the Valencia goalkeeper Diego – the line of sight of the Alves. After Messi scored, Valencia’s players have surrounded the referee Marion C, Suarez motioned for him offside goal should be disallowed, but Marion C still adhere to their own decisions, and to show a yellow card to Alves, Barcelona also achieved a goal advantage. Suarez was offside for the controversial penalty, the referee "Marca" expert Ann Du Hal said this should be a miscarriage of Justice: "the goal should not be sentenced, Suarez obviously in the shot on the line, but also the interference to Alves, the ball should not be in the." Ann Du Hal believes Barcelona first goal should have been disallowed in 10 minutes later, Marion C again made a let the players feel very dissatisfied with the decision of Valencia, Valencia to launch a counterattack, Rodrigo left the ball into the box, mark Mtiti behind with his Ukraine shoving that Rodrigo fell in the penalty area, but Marion C did not care, Valencia players think it should be a penalty. The penalty for Marion C, the scene of the Valencia fans booed, express their dissatisfaction. From the slow motion, at that time, Rodrigo has held the ball, while Umm Titi behind him, this should be an obvious penalty. Rodrigo and Umm Titi brought down from the game, Marion C’s law enforcement measures do partial easing some Busquets after a foul, Marion C is just a verbal warning, while the Valencia players think Busquets should eat a second yellow card was sent off. Enzo Peres Iniesta the same action behind shovel injury has not received any punishment, but this action should be booked or sent off. Valencia’s official twitter to express dissatisfaction with the referee Marion C penalty, the official push Valencia special also at halftime said: "the first half of the match with a penalty was not given to us, there is an offside goal also escaped a red card, but we will continue to fight, refueling!" (Marco)