14Pu Jinhui apologize again difficult previous president Han people support rate is low|Pu Jinhui apologize again difficult previous president Han people support rate is low6

Pu Jinhui apologize again difficult previous president Han people support rate low of November 4, 2016 local time, South Korea, in the television broadcast of President Park Geun Hye speech. South Korean President Park Geun hye released a televised speech that day, on the good friend Cui Shunshi behind the scenes to do the incident again stand. Pictured employees watching TV live. In new network on 5 November, (Li Xiajun) local time 4 days, South Korean President Park Geun hye again issued a national speech intensified "bestie intervention" to apologize, commitment is willing to accept the prosecution’s investigation. Korean media pointed out that this will be the first time in the history of the constitution of South Korea, South Korea’s president to accept the prosecution investigation. However, Pu Jinhui’s position does not seem to make people satisfied, its support rate hit a record low of 5% previous presidents. Pu Jinhui apologize again for the new low support rate of 4, the national Pu Jinhui delivered a speech at Chong Wa Dae, again after a lapse of 10 days of "bestie" Cui Shunshi behind the intervention case apology, and said that is ready to accept the honest prosecution investigation prepared when necessary, even willing to accept the special prosecutor investigation group. Pu Jinhui said, was supposed to benefit the national economy and people’s life in hopes of promoting the project, but the specific person in this process is to enrich themselves, break the law, this is all his fault and oversight by. Concern on the outside of the "cult" rumors, Pu Jinhui for the first time publicly denied: "people say I fall into the cult, or (religious ceremony) in Chong Wa Dae, but I want to clarify that no such thing." Because the South Korean constitution has stipulated punishment is not on the president, South Korea is no incumbent president prosecutors to accept written communications, door-to-door, any form of investigation precedent. Politicians generally believe that the rise in politics demanding a thorough investigation of the truth of the situation of public opinion for the door, Pu Jinhui gave up the criminal prosecution exemption announced to accept the prosecution investigation there was no alternative, became South Korea’s first announced to accept the prosecution investigation of the incumbent president, "in the history of the Korean Constitutional 68 years left on a shameful page". South Korea pollster Gallup (Gallup Korea) 4 announced the results of a survey, the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate fell to 5%, given the negative evaluation of the proportion of 89%, a record of the previous president supported the lowest rate of record. Two staff detained or under investigation with Park Geun hye, as of press time, South Korean prosecutors have been detained or arrested 3 and "dry administrative personnel". The evening of 3, one of the core characters, Zheng Hucheng, former deputy secretary of Chong Wa Dae, was detained, prosecutors are investigating whether the incident to the parties to the Chong Wa Dae to convey confidential documents to Cui Shunshi. The Mir consortium controlled by Cui Shunshi former Secretary General Lee had said in an interview, Zheng Hucheng almost every day to 30 cm thick report information to President Cui Shunshi ", Cui Shunshi reviewed the data. The prosecution intends to investigate the process of leakage of the document, Zheng Hucheng, 5, Xu brought the arrest warrant. Earlier in the evening of 3, Cui Shunshi has been formally arrested. Prosecutors will be in the longest 20 days of Cui Shunshi’s various doubts to carry out further investigation. The Chief Secretary of the former Chong Wa Dae duct economic affairs Ann had also been detained by the jong. 4, 2009, the Seoul central prosecutor’s office on suspicion of abuse of power.