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16 listed banks debit cards can be canceled in different places, but these restrictions – Sohu news users have to reflect the difficulty of bank card cancellation. Source Sina micro-blog screenshot Beijing November 29 (by Qiu Yu) recently, some users reflect the difficulty of bank card cancellation". In this regard, the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter call the domestic 16 listed banks customer service hotline found that debit cards can be canceled in different places, but need to meet certain conditions. Part of the bank shall, when the pin card required to pay an annual fee owed and small account management fees. SMS notification, the third party depository or affect the sale of different places in the bank card customer service are said to be able to cancel the debit card in different places, but some banks have certain restrictions on 16. However, these conditions prevail in Beijing, other provinces or slightly different. Open SMS notification may affect different sales card. Agricultural Bank of China in Beijing, for example, one of the conditions is not a remote card sales opened SMS notification service. Of course, the business can be canceled by Internet banking, palm bank. If you do not open online banking, you can only go back to the original card to do card sales. Do not hold the card after a long time do not have to do. China Construction Bank regulations, the debit card for three years will not become sleep card, can not be canceled in different places. Use a bank card to pay utilities is very convenient, but the industrial bank customer service said, if handled the utilities payment withholding business with debit cards, and did not cancel, not remote cancellation. If the sale of stocks, funds and other third party depository agreement signed, a number of banks will require the first cancellation of the agreement. Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank Customer Service said that if the debit card to open the third party depository, financial investment does not support the cross branch of the cancellation of the agreement, only to cancel the original card card area. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank, Nanjing bank and other conditions relatively loose, even if the debit card bundled with third Fang Cunguan, or withholding, SMS notification service, can also handle off-site Pin card in general.相关的主题文章: