16Foreign aid offered in farewell to the war lore Yongchang 3-2 reversal comments – Sports Sohu R & F|Foreign aid offered in farewell to the war lore Yongchang 3-2 reversal comments – Sports Sohu R & F1

Foreign aid offered in farewell to the war lore Yongchang 3-2 reversal comments – Sohu R & F sports HD: Yongchang 3-2 decimating the foreign fans broke Sohu offer sports news Beijing standard time on October 30th 19:352016 fully started the thirtieth round of super league. In Yutong International Sports Center, Shijiazhuang Yongchang has been ahead of relegation in "farewell" to a 3-2 win over the Guangzhou R & F. Twice Rinaldy Neo and Xiao Zhi Fuli help lead; Yongchang by Mathews and Mao Jianqing twice equalised before the whistle by Mauricio complete lore. After the 29 round, Yongchang product 27 points at the bottom, ahead of the team’s second super relegation in the season, and the game has become Yongchang performances in the super farewell is the honor of the war. The 29 round bodied scored 40 points, 8 points from AFC Champions League qualification line gap failed to hit AFC Champions League tickets for next season. At the beginning of the game, the Yongchang players have been very positive, but the first goal is to combat combat R & F. Fifteenth minutes, Chen Zepeng restricted the inherent physical contact with Hu Wei under the ground, decimating the referee awarded a penalty chance, renatinho deceive goalkeeper, hit ninth league goals this season, harvest, decimating the road leading 1-0! Twentieth minutes, Li Tixiang in the defensive action is too large, to get the game’s first yellow card. Thirty-first minutes, Mathews will be sent to the front right corner, Zhao Rongheng header, the ball was out Chensong Pei Shen Yong, Yongchang missed the equaliser. Thirty-third minutes, Wang Peng was Feichan action yellow, while he ate cards still chatter without stop. Thirty-eighth minutes, Yongchang foreign aid in the restricted area to play a good match, but Wang song first kick, destroyed the ball at the foot of Mathews. Forty-third minutes, Xiao Zhi won a single opportunity but he did not grasp the opportunity under the hesitation. Forty-fourth minutes, Mauricio box break caused Zhang Yaokun foul, Yongchang also won the penalty, Mathews fencing overnight, Yongchang will pull the score to 1-1. Easy side battles, forty-seventh minutes, Mathews restricted the right to get the ball, the Brazilian selection across have hit the door under the knock, the ball was intercepted tangmiao, Yongchang missed a golden opportunity. Fiftieth minutes, tangmiao delivery the right pass, Svensson shakes Leipzig top. Fifty-ninth minutes, Mathews kick left the ball into the box, Zhao Rongheng header above the door. Sixty-first minutes, Yongchang outside the area kick blasts caused by Pei Chensong sell Reuben near the penalty spot up shooting in the column, miss! Sixty-third minutes, Yongchang goalkeeper Shao Puliang "gift", cross pass directly by Xiao Zhijie, after adjusting Xiao Zhi Tui far corner hit, decimating 2-1 away ahead again! Sixty-ninth minutes, renatinho push too frequent movement of people, was booked. Seventy-second minutes, a right under the bottom cross knock, not far tangmiao rescue, Mathews ball tuishe, Mao Jianqing in front of a kicking the ball into the empty net, mat, Yongchang will pull the score to 2-2! Eighty-ninth minutes, the referee again gave Yongchang a penalty, Li Chunyu a penalty can not completely. Chensong Pei Pei, Chensong single palm the ball easily stopped, a waste of opportunity in Yongchang! Second minutes of stoppage time, Mao Li xi.