17Net about bicycle embarrassment car stickers money management by the two-dimensional code, hunter|Net about bicycle embarrassment car stickers money management by the two-dimensional code, hunter5

Net about bicycle body paste scam embarrassment: two-dimensional code, management by the "Hunter" recently, v-mobile bicycle popular, but there are a lot of illegally parked phenomenon of the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Tang Mingming photo was theft, sabotage, and stop illegal possession…… Network about the bike in the convenience of the public travel, but also suffered a lot of embarrassment, and even friends bluntly, then the firm can not withstand a car without a heart of ethics". According to statistics, in Guangzhou, v-mobile bicycle man-made damage rate of 10%, is currently serving twenty thousand bicycles in at least two thousand cars were damaged to varying degrees. The design is insufficient, or moral soft environment caused by? Encountered embarrassment? Body posted a two-dimensional code using the v-mobile kite scene only street, in addition to all locations are illegal." Guangzhou Mobell director Zhao Jianping stressed that the reality is that many people will promote their own residential units, v-mobile office. On the 21 day, a village in Beijing city Changping District town Nanshao cottage, v-mobile has called the police, in some households room found a Mobell bicycle and 4 OFO bike sharing, including the appearance of new, even the frame is wrapped with plastic film. There are even people from Guangzhou to Dongguan. In October 18th, a Mobell bike is a private car from Guangzhou Haizhuqu District to Dongguan with the parking lot near the road to Songshan Lake Road; at the beginning of November, Guangzhou Baiyun District, a man was caught stealing a motorcycle mobell…… "Now we see the v-mobile theft case, the thief is not Mobell bicycle users." Director Cao Guoxing Mobell bicycle publicist said, "but there is one thing for sure, as long as the v-mobile bicycle into the house, is theft." In addition to bike theft, v-mobile damage is the largest form of advertising. They are full of bicycle body, seat. The most terrible is WeChat or Alipay in the transfer of two-dimensional code, was posted in a conspicuous place of the body. Although the two-dimensional code Mobell needs through scanning software can be used for the first time payment, but people might not be deceived copycat two-dimensional code, WeChat to the crooks to remit money. Intelligent lock is one of the core components of v-mobile bicycle in Shenzhen, two men disguised as Mobell maintenance division using professional tools of v-mobile intelligent lock implementation of demolition, after the staff found the alarm processing. According to the police, the two men is a Shenzhen GPS company employee, and the GPS to supply the v-mobile counterparts – another shared bicycle company. "Before the data show that the v-mobile artificial damage rate was 10%, the latest data is not convenient to disclose. According to the existing grasp of the situation, the two-dimensional code is the most severe damage to the human body, not only with paint spray, but also with the fire." Mobell bike in Guangzhou in charge of Zhao Jianping. Other nets about bicycle also encountered similar embarrassment. For example, not long ago, fast travel rabbit (Quick To) launched the first lock free bike sharing, but this form will allow car thieves take advantage "". A bicycle parked illegally do? Management by the "Hunter" in addition to the influence of external supervision of illegal move, many netizens also reflect the network by the user about bicycle Luantingluanfang occur. According to Zhao Jianping said, the whole Guangzhou Mobell operation number is less than a hundred people. Tens of thousands of people have been running tens of thousands of bicycles