1The warriors leading 24 points was a data card they narrowly escaped reversal too lightly (video)|The warriors leading 24 points was a data card they narrowly escaped reversal too lightly (video)

Warriors leading 24 points actually reverse narrowly escaped a data card they too underestimate the enemy [winning] attack Currie Green assists warriors signs play Barnes zetsumei third kill the game Tencent sports January 31 hearing warrior away 108-105 victory over 76 people, warriors in the game once a 24 point lead, but in the fourth quarter narrowly escaped a reversal. Warriors campaign 23 times flat season record errors. They were apparently too underestimate the enemy, if not Harrison Barnes cast into the lore warriors almost become upsets the season’s biggest victim. Warriors mistakes flat record narrowly escaped reversal NBA without struggling. Although 76 people record the bottom of the league, nor can trample on the soft persimmon, they also have the dignity of the professional teams. Warriors and 76 people on the strength of the gap is quite big, but the game proved that even your strength higher than many rivals, if loose to underestimate the enemy, will face big trouble. The warriors opening is somewhat casual, more than half of the first section behind 76 people. Fortunately clay Thompson and de Raymond Greene game state timely recovery warriors by virtue of the advantages of overall combat effectiveness against the Philadelphia 76ers formation compaction trend, rapid counter ultra score and continue to expand the lead. War to the third section of the time, the warriors will be expanded to 24 points. Even if 76 people struggling to catch up, the warriors are still with 19 points to enter the fourth section of the advantage. This seems to indicate that the spray brothers and green can be clocked out, guessed the situation worsened, the warriors mistakes again and again, 76 distal detonation 33 points, even in before the whistle of 22.3 seconds erase differential tied the score. If it is not Harrison – Barnes three points Savior, perhaps there will be super popular alliance first negative bottom belly. Warriors in the field of 23 mistakes, mistakes in the season record. Curry 7 turnovers, Raymond de Green mistakes a career high 7 times, Klein – Thompson 5 turnovers. Warriors three giants total mistakes 19 times, more than 76 people team mistakes 9 times. Want to know, 76 people are the most mistakes in this season’s team, and the warriors in the field of control mistakes than 76 people a lot worse. Do not deny the mighty strength of the warriors, they have 37 assists, once again show outstanding team combat. In the game only two free throws the still scored 100 +, warrior’s shooting ability really amazing, but underestimate the enemy that they almost lost this originally hand with a grip of the game can be. NBA season long, even the warriors will be appeared because of the weaker opponents too relaxed, do not expect their on-the-spot keep hanging knights and the San Antonio Spurs strength. The warriors lost 4 games this season, opponents are the stag, Dallas, Denver and piston, are not the best title. This is the pleasure of NBA, no matter how strong the strength, has the possibility of slip up, even if the opponent is 76 people. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of the Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held accountable. Scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA video live