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20.3% college students had sex proportion of boys than girls – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 26th news (reporter Che Li) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, today is world contraception day, China Family Planning Association issued "College Students’ sexual and reproductive health actuality investigation report", and the answer to the problem. At the press conference, the China Family Planning Association survey showed that 20.3% of the surveyed students had sex at school. 45.6% of the respondents who had sex had the first act of 11-18. The proportion of male sexual behavior was significantly higher than that of women, two times that of men. The first year of college students had sex accounted for 15% of all first-year freshmen. However, the proportion of senior students, which significantly increased to 43%. When asked what causes them to have sex, the majority of respondents choose normal physical needs. The second is the need to get married or engaged, to deepen the feelings of a partner and to have children. Less than 1% of respondents said they were having sex for academic development, career development, or material rewards. In addition, survey of Student Association in China meter, the survey report about more than and 300 people have been breeding or mate abortion experience. This data holds 9.9% of the sexual behavior of the respondents. There have been repeated abortion experience also accounted for 1/4, there are 7.8% has experienced more than three artificial abortion, in order to show the students are now active ratio is relatively high, the methods of contraception use less, reflect in a juvenile disconnect occurs in contraception on this issue has the knowledge and practical attitude and the behavior of these features from the side. Although now in China, after the school health education guidance and health education of university students in the basic requirements of the implementation of some documents, the popularity of contraceptive knowledge has been strengthened in young people, but the actual life of teenagers often due to various reasons to refuse the use of contraceptive methods, resulting in unsafe sex. Therefore Chinese family planning association mentioned that the intervention mode of sexual and reproductive health education program for teens should promptly switch to change from the popularization of knowledge attitude and behavior, and will also target from the pursuit of short-term knowledge to implement long-term attitude change. At the press conference, the national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Ma Xiaowei said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the reproductive health work, is a reproductive health into the "13th Five-Year" plan. The plan clearly put forward to improve the reproductive health, maternal and child health level of public services; in addition to provide free basic services, the establishment of the basic family planning technical services and basic health free supply of contraceptives and national public service system. Finally, Ma Xiaowei mentioned that the provision of adolescent reproductive health services, health and family planning system and the China Family Planning Association will explore multi-channel, multi-faceted to improve the reproductive health services for young people.相关的主题文章: