2016 North Guangxi Internet plus agricultural products + the Summit Forum on the development of the remonstrate

2016 North Guangxi "Internet plus agricultural products + the Summit Forum on the development of the logistics industry is opening kumquat fragrance, drunk America orange. 2016 North Guangxi "Internet Plus + agricultural products logistics industry development forum held in the county sports center. This forum topic around the "Internet" and Chinese rural economic development, agricultural industrial chain system construction and the consummation, "Internet plus agriculture + logistics integrated service mode of local agricultural products, promote industrial chain system improvement and development and other related topics, aimed at the northern region and local agricultural products, Rongan kumquat the electricity supplier industry to organize ideas and plan development. To further improve the "Rongan kumquat" and other electricity supplier brand visibility and reputation, and effectively serve the grassroots, serving farmers, help farmers get rich, develop characteristic industry, boosting precise poverty alleviation, promote the development of county economy, to "let the world in Rong’an, let the world know Rongan kumquat" target. The forum invited from all over the country’s electricity supplier great coffee, the next line of business a total of 150 people, and invited the experts of e-commerce industry, agricultural field site sits for the topic, to discuss Internet plus agricultural business development, Northern Guangxi region is the electricity supplier of agricultural products, "the Internet Financial security situation + + agricultural logistics industry development issues. Summit site in addition to the discussion on the theme of the event, but also interact with the masses of the scene, to answer questions about agricultural products, electricity providers, logistics and other aspects of professional problems. Later, Rong’an County People’s government, electronic commerce also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the autonomous region of rural credit cooperatives in electronic banking, boost the development of the electricity supplier financial security. In recent years, the county closely pulse of the times, follow the development trend, attaches great importance to the development of electronic commerce, continue to explore new ways of the development of electronic commerce, the innovative use of "shop + association + cooperative + Service Center" operation mode, e-commerce has become a new bright spot of economic development to promote financial security. In May 2016, Alibaba (Chinese and Rongan) Software Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, "Taobao rural" project officially stationed in Rong’an, July 2016, by the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce as the 2016 Guangxi e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration counties (the second batch). As of now, the county has more than and 380 commercial enterprises, the new e-commerce business entities more than and 50, all kinds of micro shop more than and 100, shop more than and 200, direct employment more than 3 thousand people, indirect employment of more than 20 thousand people. The county has 32 logistics courier companies, annual shipments of about 3 million 200 thousand, the annual volume of about 16 million. The county to achieve total sales of 362 million yuan electricity supplier network, is expected in 2016 to achieve annual sales of electricity supplier network total of $400 million, an increase of 35%. It is reported that the organizers also arranged a kumquat Garden Collection link, invite guests to enter the village of love? Characteristic of modern agriculture demonstration area (core) Rongan kumquat in folk songs, zero distance to observe the implantation process experience Rongan kumquat, Rongan kumquat charm. The village of love? (core) of modern agriculture Rongan kumquat demonstration area to Langxi River axis, connecting three horses, xiaolan.相关的主题文章: