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2017 national test network reported the end of a history of the NLD central and hot posts – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Jie Li) 2017 annual national examination registration number and the ratio of high innovation competition. Yesterday, the 2017 national civil service exam ended at 17:30, the network reported, more than 134 people through the audit, the average competition ratio of about 50:1. The central office of the reception section head and below position competition ratio up to 9837:1, this proportion is beyond the 2013 annual national examination "9411:1 records of the NBS Survey Office in Chongqing Nanchuan team to business department clerk job creation. At 17:30 yesterday, 2017 national examination registration audit by the 1338698 people, compared with 1283777 last year at the end of the high of more than 5.4 people, catching 2014’s exams 1 million 367 thousand. Public education experts in the past 8 years, the number of people who have passed the examination of the end of 2013, only in 2010, in the year of 2014, the country has more than 1 million 300 thousand people. The hottest jobs to the NLD central office reception director and the following position, competitive ratio is 9837:1. Previously, only the 2013 national examination "Nanchuan National Bureau of investigation team to business department as a clerk" competition ratio of 9411:1. In the analysis of public education experts, 2011 – 2016 annual examination of the most competitive position, no grass-roots work experience requirements, professional relatively broad, bachelor degree in the year; still can break through the hot job two years of work experience at the grassroots level in the frame conditions, reflect the people to achieve stable job desire. According to statistics, a total of 53 jobs more than one thousand people apply for a job, more than 135 jobs than 500:1. In contrast, there are still 223 positions without trial. According to the analysis of public education, in the 223 positions, 71% of the jobs from the county (District) level and below, only about 4% of the jobs from the central and provincial. In addition from the competition, competition for positions at or above the provincial level is much higher than the city below the county level in the basic position, the central position competition ratio of more than 100:1, but the competition for the position below the county level than less than average competition ratio, which reflects the tendency of candidates. It is reported that eligibility will continue for two days, at the end of 26, the end of, the public education experts predict the final number of people through the audit will exceed 1 million 520 thousand in 2014, refresh the historical record. The reason for this year’s exams so hot this year, experts said not only with the base itself recruiting related with the severe employment situation have a great relationship. At the same time, the gradual recognition of the civil service positions, but also caused the country to test warming.相关的主题文章: