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Legitimate "doping" words ginseng – Sohu health although the Olympics have been closed for several days, but the sports doping scandal continues to ferment, in recent weeks there are still constantly athletes are the international sports arbitration court ruled that the ban. In the Olympic Games in Rio, multi Golden King, American swimmer Phelps famous in the history of the Olympic Games has caused hot Chinese cupping worldwide, dubbed the "legitimate" doping". In addition to cupping, what Chinese traditional medicine has the effect of doping similar? I believe many people will first think of ginseng. In China, ginseng has always been regarded as the king of. A book in the Eastern Han Dynasty in the "Shen Nong’s herbal classic" is the earliest monograph in pharmacy, recorded 4000 years ago, the essence of ginseng medicinal Chinese has formed the "ginseng, taste Ganwei cold, and set up the five internal organs, Ann spirit, soul, stop fright, in addition to evil, eyesight, fun puzzle. Long wear, light-weight yannian. A celebrity title, a ghost cover. Raw valley." The most important is the effect of ginseng tonic body and "back to life" has also regulate the nervous system function and other functions. The so-called life refers to ginseng can improve cardiac function, make the heart beat more effectively, enhance blood circulation, improve heart failure, healthy people taking can also improve the body’s activities. Ginseng in addition to replenishing the body, but also can regulate the nervous system, make people excited. But ginseng is exciting, but not stimulants, why? First of all, the efficacy of ginseng is slow and sustained, and it is essentially different from the usual stimulant. Western medicine is mainly to overdraw the body of the human body, in the efficacy of the role, will make people feel excited, athletic ability, as if there is endless strength. After the efficacy of the human body has a certain degree of damage, so that physical overdraft, or even sick. But ginseng is different, in the nervous system excited at the same time, it also has a tonic effect on the human body, the restoration of physical strength. Although the Chinese medicine in the country has been questioned by many people, but there are more and more people interested in the international community, the study of traditional Chinese medicine has also made a lot of achievements. With thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine will not disappear, but will continue to grow and develop.