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Don’t let the baby suffering from pneumonia "humidifier"! – after a cold Sohu health equinox, day, day and night temperature difference, yeliangrushui. But at 4:33 yesterday, we also ushered in the seventeenth solar term — cold dew. The Gregorian calendar in October 8th or 9, the sun reaches 195° when the dew. This is also the twenty-four solar terms, the first with a cold word of the solar term, which means that the majority of the country’s hot and cold alternating season coming, will gradually cool to cold transition. As the saying goes, "cold dew dew and cold dew, ripe autumn, cold there? This season, in addition to prone to cough, dry air, often make the baby face chapped dry hair, I think a lot of mom would open a humidifier at home, moist air in the room. But, you know, the humidifier will bring bad harm to the child? A 3 year old baby’s mother tells Ding Ding, see Ding Ding dry skin, then use the humidifier in the room, but Ding Ding was given a cough. Began to think that because humidity is not enough, so started to increase the humidification degree, but Ding Ding’s cough symptoms but serious, immediately took Ding Ding to the doctor, the doctor said after listening to, this is caused by humidifier. Listen to the Tintin story of the house, in fact, humidifier also want to say, we do not want to back the pot. Indeed, the use of appropriate humidifier does not have so much harm, mainly parents used the wrong humidification method. Ding Ding’s mother and the doctor said, "with no humidifier after how comprehensive clean-up, the water in the humidifier is generally used up, added directly, nor too much to clean. And always add tap water. The doctor advised to change water everyday, humidifier, regular disinfection, otherwise the humidifier will mildew, with sprays of water walking into the air, the baby’s invasion of respiratory tract, can cause pneumonia. The error caused by the use of humidifier pneumonia, known as the "humidifier pneumonia", this case is not rare: the case before us, we all need to accept the lessons. There has also been proposed: add tap water in a humidifier, can become a haze of manufacturing machine ", true? Experts through the experiment, respectively, the humidifier add pure water, mineral water, tap water, air pollution monitoring, the results have to be startled at. PM2.5 values are as follows: the standard of pure water — 20 mg mineral water — 30 mg of tap water — 340 mg air quality index: PM2.5 value, 050 mg, a PM2.5 air quality value, 51100 mg, two PM2.5 air quality value is greater than 300 mg, severe pollution contrast value, can be seen, add tap water humidifiers, equivalent to the baby at home manufacturing haze, and the baby than adults, the respiratory tract is very fragile, every day in the heavily polluted environment, the illness would not be difficult. So, want to use a humidifier, don’t bother, in addition to the daily change of water, regular disinfection, please add pure water or mineral water!