23If the poor quality of Xi’an turf will pass for home Changsha Wuhan standby|If the poor quality of Xi’an turf will pass for home Changsha Wuhan standby3

If the poor quality of turf Xi’an will not change for the home of the state of Changsha, Wuhan, the state of the game in the first half of the race to go down yesterday morning, the 12 round of the A round of the group of the second round of the end of the race. Home court operations of the Uzbekistan team to rely on Beijing Guoan defender Kerry Metz last minute header lore 1 to 0 victory over Qatar team, becoming the only group of the first two games with the full 6 points of the team. Another game, the Syria team to 0 than 0 Our wills unite like a fortress. forced skin strong South Korean team, get precious 1 points. Two rounds of Harding Park, the Uzbekistan team 6 points lead, the Iran team, the South Korean team with 4 points, second occupy the group three, China team and the Syria team are 1 flat 1 negative 1 points in Group Fourth, five, 0 points at the bottom of the Qatar team. > > preparing for the match to win 12 match as the last stages of the team, China team in the first two rounds with South Korea and Iran two big rival game to grab 1 points is perfectly acceptable, it also allows the team playing 8 games behind the 716. As Yu Hongchen said after the game, did not get a victory, there must be a regret, but the overall strength of the opponent on top of us, get 1 points can be accepted. To aim at the outlet of the China team for the next 8 games, especially in Syria and Uzbekistan two teams, Chinese football has been raring to win. "10 games, if we want to qualify, and we match, must win, to get from them, if the determination is not, the goal we have set is only an empty word." Yu Hongchen admits. According to the plan, the beginning of the October China team will concentrate in Xi’an, preparing for the match with Syria. To combat the China home court team, this battle did not retreat, must get 3 points. Yesterday the team disbanded when Captain Feng Xiaoting said: "after South Korea and Iran, the first phase of the game has ended, the team will further on the basis of a careful summary, first goal is to play a good game against Syria at the beginning of October, we all understand the importance, that is to get 3 points." For the next month of the national team, Yu Hongchen said: "there are 7 league games for the national team preparing for the race, we must adjust to the end of October 30th, it should be said that this period is relatively dense. The national team will take advantage of this time to visit the players through the league, and we have to develop a tactical analysis of the opponent’s plan. We have this group of Syria with South Korea 0 0 draw, for these games, we must be aware of. For the team’s training, competition and rehabilitation, but also to grasp." > > Xi’an due to accident or turf not for home court last night zhongyizhizhan just a few minutes, looks smooth surface "betrayed", turf constantly turned up, the players run up extra effort. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association after the game for the first time to the contractor in the battle of Syria to understand the situation in Xi’an, if the Xi’an Stadium turf clearance, the football association had to start an emergency plan to replace the home. As sensitive