23Scolari was on the cover of Hong Kong exposure refused Boas card War View|Scolari was on the cover of Hong Kong exposure refused Boas card War View4

Scolari was on the cover of Hong Kong exposure rejected Boas will view to Hong Kong card and Scolari denied? Boas signed on the second day of the club on Saturday, he appeared in the Century Park Stadium, watching the port U19 full team and super Chinese happy first team warm-up match. It can be said that Boas has quickly entered the working state, then he will be "trapeze" in November 28th, the team re focus, continuous watch more heavyweight tournament, familiar with the players, familiar opponents and become familiar with the super. What makes Boas and the Hong Kong Club together, it can be said that the cooperation between the two sides is to progress to each one takes what he needs, win-win results. The Hong Kong team lack of Hong Kong club champion temperament was to give up Erickson, the most important reason is the team’s technical and tactical level to a new level to the game completely relying on foreign aid and personal ability, the Hong Kong team as a young army had lost its vitality, calm rather than lack of passion. In addition, for the leadership of "Hong Kong Group internal potential" of the 2016 season, apparently by Erickson as "unheeded advice". In addition to Fu Huan is because of injury to successful host, this season is not a young player coming to the fore. Maybe someone will the players themselves lack the ability to defend Erickson, but decayed for magical and should be able to perform wonders, is a world class coach with. The Hong Kong team this season in the hole after the injury, he completely fell into the trough, until after the Hulk back to front, before the final round by winning the team barely got the League third. Especially in each record of the top four teams in the league, the Hong Kong team and the worst in the face of Guangzhou Hengda, Jiangsu Suning and Shenhua, 6 games 3 flat 3 negative, without a win. Last season won the top runner up on the Hong Kong team, the first four of each record is not ideal, 1 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Lack of confidence in the strong dialogue, such a team to win the championship. Obviously, it seems in the Hong Kong Club, next year’s goal is to get at least one champion, and Erickson’s performance in 2016 will not reassure them next season to make the fate too Qiuwen coach hands. If the location on the Hong Kong Club or AFC Champions League qualifications, so that Erickson is still the most suitable candidate, but to win the championship, at least at club level that still need to find another person. Therefore, even if Erickson successfully completed the goals set at the beginning of the season, but was decisively replaced by the club. It is worth mentioning that the Hong Kong Club has actually been candidate targets in Europe for Hong Kong Club Coach, called on Scolari and Scolari contact, only through intermediaries take the initiative to find a home. Because at that time, Guangzhou Hengda and Lippi has signed a secret, of course, Scolari to leave their own way back, so the next season is likely to accept his club. But on the European team to consider only the coach, so directly rejected Scolari. Boas took the high leveling so why in the Bundesliga Wolfsburg and Milan of Serie A giants international when he throws olive branch, can in Europe coach boas will choose the superior, choice of Hong Kong Club Jiong