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The recombinant "three fork": some have been aborted inquiries "ask Huang" the reporter Intern Wang Jiongye Shaw, Zhaoyan Qinchuan editor Qiu Jiang under the guidance of the new restructuring, more and more listed companies merger and reorganization plan choice. According Zhengbao information statistics, since June 17th, the Commission issued a "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach" (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as "the reorganization of the new rules), in just 2 months, at least more than 80 listed companies to terminate a major reorganization of assets, and the first 5 months of this year and last year the average monthly number of the termination of the restructuring were only 20 and 22. A guide for the future. In the case of the sample, one by one dissection can understand, on the future trend of restructuring. First of all, in the restructuring of listed (i.e. backdoor) more stringent supervision under the background of "backdoor restructuring plan has been difficult to obtain regulatory approval, this is the main reason for many companies take the initiative to give up the reorganization plan; secondly, a synergistic effect or enhance the profitability of the" jacket ", cross-border restructuring at several times and even hundreds of premium times have no way to go, or terminate is the only way out; more surprise is the film culture reorganization," high premium + star shell company "modes no way out. In contrast, over the same period also has "no case risks" will be restructuring the merger of 28 companies, including its suits will convey, express, new energy, health care and other areas of mergers and acquisitions is still regulators support information to market. Switch 1: Supervision Scheme "aborted" suddenly increased, the noisy suddenly began restructuring rivers and lakes. Based on the result, the new restructuring turned out, all kinds of methods for the reorganization of the market much criticized have to borrow in the spotlight, the number of listed companies by the regulatory pressure, the first in progress announcement in its restructuring plan has not been announced "aborted". In addition, cross-border restructuring also increasingly unpopular supervision "". According Zhengbao information statistics, in the termination of the reorganization of more than 80 companies, at least 48 of the restructuring plan is not disclosed to announced the termination of many of them, as a financing lease restructuring, restructuring and overseas acquisitions involving the Internet, games, media and other popular cross industry restructuring. Specializing in the production of home appliances with composite materials, such as the establishment of tyrants shares, for example, the disclosure of the restructuring framework shows that the company intends to acquire seventh stake in Shenzhen Avenue, involved in online games. But by August 2nd, the company has to the securities market environment, industry regulatory policy changes, such as the termination of this major asset restructuring. The company admitted in reply to regulators about the termination of the restructuring of the inquiry, and the restructuring of the underlying asset belongs to the game industry, the industry increasingly stringent regulatory policies. It is not just the game, listed companies involved in cross-border popular industry, the Internet, the media and other similar policy environment. In August 15th, 1000 technology announced the termination of planning in the acquisition of 55% stake in far far known advertising, advertising is the only known to provide strategic planning, creative, advertising, media buying and evaluation of one-stop service radio advertising company. One of the core reasons for the termination of the company is that cross-border experience is not enough?