25Exposure of the whole next season or join the Red Star Cui Kangxi is preferred in Europe|Exposure of the whole next season or join the Red Star Cui Kangxi is preferred in Europe9

The North Star exposure next season with Cui Kangxi or join in Europe is the preferred source: Li Zaicheng break moment Football Correspondent Jiang Yuan reported on the spot MVP is Leonardo, but Li Zaicheng’s performance is also prominent, before the game, there was news that he will follow, join in a northern Cui Kangxi team next season, but then he publicly rumor "Europe is my dream, I hope to help all of this year and then go to the North won the AFC Champions League, Europe, this is my first choice". On the Hong Kong game, Li Zaicheng Zhang Runhao and Kim Bo Kyung, together with the midfield, his breakthrough, making a great threat: first goals, scoring Leonardo assists Jin Xinyu, but this wave of offensive is planning the city of Li Zai; the second ball, Li Zaicheng and Lopez with the continuous, then he led to cross Shi Ke Oolong; fourth ball by Li Tongguo scored, but he assists is Li Zaicheng. Li Zaicheng was born in 1992, high school in Hecheng high school, Korea University is the university. In 2014, he joined the north, officially entered the professional football circle. In March of that year, to Inchon united in the game, he staged the occupation career debut; a month later, in the Qing Nan in the game, he scored his first goal. That year, he played in the K League 26 times, not only scored 4 goals, as well as a total of 3 assists. The following year, Li Zaicheng performance is more prominent, handed over the League 34 games 7 goals and 5 assists transcripts, not only to help defend the whole North, he was selected the best lineup, but also won the year’s best newcomer. In the country the name of Li Zaicheng, but also step by step in 2012, U22; 2014 in U23, Inchon team won the Asian Games gold medal, exempt from military service; on March 2015, Uzi’s warm-up match, he first put on the Tai Chi shirt, then in the game against New Zealand, he opened himself in the national team the goal of account, at present, he has scored 4 goals for the Korean team; in 2015, Li Zaicheng participated in the Wuhan East Asia Cup, and the team won the championship in 2016; 12 finals, South Korea in front are overseas players, only he and Chang Hoon right from the K League, and in China and Syria in the game, he will get the opportunity to play. For Li Zaicheng, the first people think he is the second Li Qinglong, but now he is more think more like Park Ji-Sung, good physical fitness, good offense and defense. Early in the K League in his first season, Li Zaicheng was eyeing Asia better; in 2015, about to leave him the news, June, a West Club out of his central treatment for him. At the end of the three Bundesliga clubs (including Schalke) intends to him; the summer of 2016 window, Leicester City, Tottenham, tyrannical Premier Everton are transferred to bring him; the latest news is next season, he will follow Cui Kangxi, join in a team. From the current point of view, the North won the absolute strength of the season AFC Champions League champion Cui Kangxi next season, if really coached super, then follow the teacher, it is not impossible.