26Injustice! The 3 united field suffered a controversial penalty Marshall kicked a concussion|Injustice! The 3 united field suffered a controversial penalty Marshall kicked a concussion7

Injustice! The 3 united field suffered a controversial penalty Marshall kicked a concussion concussion to leave the shire horse Tencent sports news September 18th suffered two defeats Manchester United return to the Premier League, a VEKA Rugby challenge Waterford road stadium. Thirty-fourth minutes, Kape as the hornet’s opener, but this goal is controversial because of the shire horse before britos have suspected foul ball. This is the third consecutive games suffered a controversial penalty, is bad for the Mourinho team. The two game losing streak did not stimulate the United back immediately, before throwing the ball, they have faced two times of danger, but Modigliani and two missed opportunity Kongmen igalo. Thirty-fourth minutes, Hollie bass winger Fellaini heads out the ball to the left foot of the Marshall, Ma Charles choose the ball, but was britos and Jan Matt to grab the folder after throwing the ball into the box, Jan Matt inverted triangle return capoue tuishe hit dead. The horse broke with capoue Charles is off the ball foul and the referee ignored Yang Matt capoue is very exciting, but replays showed, britos have suspected foul steals in Marshall: he first with his left foot to the supporting leg of Marshall, this is the direct cause of the latter fell to the ground, and then use the right foot to kick the ball so, the Argentines should be sentenced to foul, the goal should be invalid, but referee Michael Oliver did not make such a decision. Before the twenty-seventh minutes, Marshall and Yang Matt Zhengding was face each other head top, once down, the doctor suspected that he suffered a slight concussion, after examination and treatment after he did not return to the stadium. However, within 7 minutes of the second fell still can not let the French international adhere to the game, in the final thirty-eighth minutes by Ashley young replaced. This is the 3 consecutive game Manchester United suffered a controversial penalty, which is bad for the red devils. The last round of the Manchester derby, Bravo in the restricted area on the Rooney tackles, most experts agree that it is a red card penalty +; also have Otamendi penalty for handball suspects (the ball hit him in the elbow), but these are the carat Teng Berg pass. The first round of the UEFA Cup group phase against Feyenoord, Jorgensen sent assists in teammate pass is more obvious in the offside position, the referee turned a blind eye. (read Chau)