27Sohu rely on rumors of quick assessment Luantie medical label will not allow doctors more security -|Sohu rely on rumors of quick assessment Luantie medical label will not allow doctors more security -9

Sohu rely on rumors of quick assessment: Luantie medical label will not allow doctors more safety review, Linghu Qing abandoned Sohu Hebei Lixian County boy Zhao Zicong unfortunately fell into the field of the deep well, the evening of November 10th, after more than and 100 hours of rescue, Cong was eventually rescued, then the official declaration of his death. The next day, the family will have the child buried. However, then came the statement, said Cong Cong’s family medical trouble, to the high claims. 13, Cong Cong family members to clarify this is a rumor". The family said in a statement, the family never made any claims, did not intend to make any claims. At the same time, gratitude, gratitude, including the Lixian County county hospital, including government and civil rescue forces. Unfortunately, even if the family has not completely clear up, cleaning the body was inexplicably imposed "medical" label, this is the other side of the world Speechless. In retrospect, the Cong Cong family is "doctor", a mobile phone screen originated from social media in the dissemination of the WeChat group of doctors, witnesses above a fictional identity of the doctor, Cong Cong said the family does not recognize the death of a child, blame the rescue ineffective, claim information etc.. It now appears that the medical profession is willing to spread this message is downright false news. It is worth mentioning that this false news dissemination path intriguing. The medical community and the public number micro-blog some of the medical personnel in the case of unverified bored filling "medical" label, the Hua Congcong family in order to enhance the communication effect of stigma. It can be said that the "medical" Cong family is some loss fact discernment, loss is non sense for medicine. To see this, you have to understand the background of making the "medical" stigma label. In general, it is from the reality of the lack of mechanism of medical disputes, with a strong voice in the medical units and medical authorities to establish a peaceful solution to medical disputes framework platform, eventually developed by "medical" as the core of a case to avoid responsibility. The medical dispute qualitative normal for medical trouble, clogging is normal solution channels, eventually became the "patients", rather than "to solve the problem". In this case, the medical community has an enemy like abnormal mentality, but dissatisfaction with the medical results, put on the "medical" label, calling for the fight. Not hesitate to use combat, moral stick kill. In the Hebei incident, once again demonstrated the habits of the medical community into the stigma of routine nature. Some have zouhuorumo staff to seize the heights — regardless of congenital defects of discourse — they in fact short verification using falling boy tragedy once again concocted a doctor-patient relationship, medical personnel get tired and intensified by the tragic story of trouble. The boy fall well fictional families for medical trouble, seemingly strengthened the medical community in public opinion on the collective defense ability, but their exposure in the construction of medical dispute resolution mechanism on the system defects, afraid to challenge the courage to a weak side big splash water snobbish weak mentality. Easy to fabricate medical trouble lies, others blindly stick medical labels easily, but eventually prostrate on the medical power, safeguard the vested interest. Even more chilling is that from this time completely.