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New concept & nbsp; & nbsp; new strategy — China’s Governing political strategy – Theory – People’s Network & nbsp; "growth momentum" Shuo Cheng (Xinhua News Agency) a new voyage Xu Chun as (Xinhua News Agency) together to the sea in the spring (Xinhua News Agency) "I met with leaders of some countries, they regrets said, China is so big country how to control it? Indeed, China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, governance is not easy, it is not easy to understand the situation is not easy." In a joint interview with the BRIC countries, general secretary Xi Jinping once said. It was the spring of 2013. Today, more than 3 years have passed, China is changing every day, on how to manage the concept of China, but also in the growing maturity. Therefore, in the Fifth Plenary Session of the party’s eighth plenum, first proposed the "managing state politics, new ideas, new ideas and new strategy" this argument. Now, this argument has already become the hot concepts in China’s political life, which is composed of many keywords, already for the people familiar. The rich connotation of the "three new" new ideas, new ideas, new strategy, referred to as "three". Although the statement is simple, very rich connotation. May wish to review, in the past 3 years, those with a distinctive connotation of the concept of the times. From the establishment of the "two hundred years" goal to offer "Chinese dream", from the co-ordination of the overall layout of the "five one" to coordination to promote the "four overall" strategic layout, from the grasp of China’s economic development the new norm to firmly establish the development of the concept of the five…… In fact, China’s overall strategy of governing the country is both rich and evolving. "Eighteen years, with Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Creative formation a series of governing and politics, new ideas, new ideas and new strategy, under the new historical conditions, to deepen reform and opening up and accelerating socialist modernization provides a guidance of scientific theory and guide to action." In an interview with reporters, the Central Institute of socialism, deputy director of the research department, said Jia Xiaoming. Gu Xiaoming thinks, "Sanxin" is not a concept, words do sth unconventional or unorthodox, but the courage to practice, and be good at innovation, to deepen the understanding of the laws on governance by the Communist Party, the law of socialist construction, the law of development of human society on the basis of a series of development concept innovation, the development of thinking innovation, the development of strategic innovation, is national development and progress and people’s real in the obtain of innovation, reflected the Party Central superb governing ability. Sanxin ‘is the innovation of the new situation with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, in view of the current situation, made in the macro level, the theoretical policy level, a major innovation, unity of succession and innovation. " In an interview with reporters, Liu Dongchao, a professor of social and cultural and Research Department of National School of Administration, said. In Liu Dongchao view, the eighteen largest since more than 3 years is the Chinese people to stand up, get rich after the pursuit of a comprehensive well-off, the pursuit of prosperity and a major period of time. In this period, our sonorous pace robust, colorful our achievements, our system pragmatic Hongyuan, we design and deep. "The Party Central Committee insists on the combination of top-level design and concrete practice, and improve the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and promote the point of the national governance system.