2Practice ten load complete satellite mission successfully completed – the new network|Practice ten load complete satellite mission successfully completed – the new network

"Practice No. 10" load the completion of the transfer of the satellite mission successfully completed – in Beijing Beijing Beijing, April 19 (Chen pan) reporter 19, learned from the China Aerospace Science and technology group, practice ten satellite recovery experiment load completed the handover marks the satellite successfully completed the task. The star developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group yuans return satellite with outstanding achievement to produce a perfect answer, also produced a new business card a field of space science. 18 evening at the scene of the handover, after one by one open unloading, check after confirmed, yuans of Aerospace Science and technology group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, space center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of mechanics, third party in handover certificate signature handover. It is reported that the practice of ten satellite carrying a total of the 19 experimental load, the return of 11 experiments load totaling 15 sets of equipment were in good condition, after experienced the test of space the harsh environment and return trip, they have maintained a suitable temperature and humidity and its related environment. The successful completion of the satellite mission to verify the return of the core technology of the satellite, the return of the satellite in the field of space science and the subsequent development of further widened the road. (end)