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Rich? Exposure Guoan 250 million Atletico dug in front of God the annual salary of millions Euro anda quantity? National security team teaching match tie handsome incarnation "spectators" Tencent sports January 30 news Beijing Guoan will become super first introduction of more than 30 million euros of foreign aid club? This is not a joke. Recently, according to the well-known sports website "goal" of the news, Beijing Guoan is working Atletico Madrid striker, Colombia international Jackson Martinez of the transfer. In addition to pay to Martinez’s millions of euros of high salary, the national security but also for him out of a up to 35 million euros (about 250 million yuan) of the amazing transfer fee! This year’s 30 year old Martinez – Jackson height 185cm, is the Columbia national team’s top star striker, in Germany, the transfer market website information, Martinez worth up to 30 million euros. However, Martinez at Atletico Madrid state general, due to a lot of injuries, so far played a total of 22 times and only scored 3 goals, the message says him on the horse race boss Simone tactical arrangement is very unhappy, does not exclude the possibility of winter’s departure. However, since Martinez last summer before joining the horse, so even if you want to sell him, Ma Jing also hopes to get 35 million euros transfer fee, which is Martinez joined the price of horse racing. Related reports pointed out that Friday, the national security has been formally submitted to the horse racing club board of directors, even as the rumors of 35 million euros, it certainly will not be less than 30 million euros. At the same time, the country will also give Martinez a "million euros" annual salary contract, but the specific figures have not been disclosed. Of course, to Martinez’s level of view, at least not less than Augusto’s annual salary in the country’s national security. Prior to joining Atletico, Jackson Martinez played in Porto, has been awarded the Portuguese League Golden boot, is also very eye-catching performance in the Champions League, is known as the Portuguese League is the best striker, like Juve (website data) Tucci, Manchester United’s top clubs, had he expressed interest. It is worth mentioning is that winter many Colombian star are super spread over the scandal, in addition to the already joined Shanghai Shenhua guarin, Zuniga, Falcao, Al Mello et al also was passed will be landed in the Super League. (Yalugelu)