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IRONMAN70.3 HeFei Railway Station countdown   iron friends experience ahead of "fast track" – Sports – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 8 Beijing Xinhua (Zhang Fan) first station — IRONMAN70.3 IRONMAN Chinese 2016 HeFei Railway Station game to enter the race countdown 40 days, on the 6 day, including China amateur iron three leader of the party, Qi the outstanding representatives of the friends of Hefei iron, and when the 15 Metro man team, pro test track, feel ahead of HeFei Railway Station IRONMAN70.3 charm, and the first time to test the intuitive feelings transferred to the national iron friends. The former IRONMAN official website announced the race route, many iron friends will Hefei track is defined as "fast track" Pro 15 "advance team" also confirmed this statement. With "On your Marks!" According to the password, 15 friends have iron into the Swan Lake, the official opening of the track test. The lake is calm and the water temperature is suitable." Have 15 IRONMAN tournament experience party Qi concise and comprehensive to comment the swimming stage, and that high quality and simple swimming race will to some extent reduce players output, swan lake surrounded by iconic buildings but also conducive to the identification of players in the water direction, this was the first rookie to play IRONMAN70.3 to help. There is an unwritten rule in the three circle of iron, and in a game of iron, when you have succeeded in starting the water, you are only one player away from the game. When the pro test team quickly change after they enter a total length of 90 km bike stage, the stage from the Swan Lake is located in the center of the ride all the way to Chaohu, whether it is a tree lined Emerald Lake scenic area, or the Binhu national Forest Park, Chang Lin town Hefei landmark landscape, both to the iron you left a deep impression. "The whole game road is very wide, not dead corner, in addition to the Nanfeihe River Bridge, also do not have what to climb, but the edge of the Chaohu side should pay attention to choose the larger wheel group." The race will lead the club "half of the country" to Wang Yihun is to make analysis to the track. The IRONMAN70.3 consists of two items in the HeFei Railway Station area, after the player completes the bike stage in Chaohu is located in the edge of the shore grassland change, arrived at the end point of Hefei Wanda cultural tourism city in the completion of 21 km after running. Bicycle and running stage of the elevation of the cumulative climb is only 240 meters and 41 meters, so the difficulty for players to create good results. "It was a real shock!" As the IRONMAN for the shortest time of female athletes, such as Tan Wenjuan expression of feeling, she advises: "this route is open, the road is very wide, fluctuations are not great, but not what the whole game shade, should pay attention to sunstroke." And three from afar national outstanding representatives of the friends of the first iron measured track is different from members of iron and Iron Man 2 Hefei emblem Xiaoyao local club on the track has been well known. They have said that almost every weekend will be on the race track on the three even training, the club has been involved in many of the standard iron "new" are actively enrolled in the IR