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Why do people | postpartum postpartum life easily, you are a dog! Sohu health, some people say that after the baby is born, the woman’s suffering can be over. In fact, from the birth of the baby, everything has just begun. Bao Baogang was born, we were happy. However, for a long time, everything is back to the "fuel" in life. Not to say that the moment of happiness, we can always be happy, we still have to go back to life. Since the birth of the baby, many mothers feel that the standard of living straight down. Is there a baby, we are doomed to stay away from our previous life? As far as possible to solve the problem with money is: money can solve the problem is not a problem. It’s not reasonable to take care of the baby. If two people are very busy, it is a good choice to ask people. Please maid or nurse can be reduced to two personal burden. Moreover, the nanny will be generally child care experience, can take good care of the baby. So two people will have time to do their own thing, there is time to care for the baby. When Bao Baogang was born in addition to feeding together, most of the time in bed. If a person to take care of the baby, will be particularly tired. If one family can cooperate, it will be a lot easier. Whether it is a mother, or mother, as long as there is time to help take care of the baby is a good news. In the process of getting along and womanishly fussy may produce some contradictions, so that mothers should be mentally prepared. In addition, let the father to take care of the baby’s life is very important, so it can be a good increase in the feelings between father and son. Adjust the schedule if a person is not good at night, during the day it is difficult to have the spirit of. Therefore, mothers should learn to develop good habits of the baby. Let the baby have regular milk, regularly sleeping habits can be Mom and dad good liberation. Don’t leave the baby not customary law entirely to blame the baby, a large part of the reason is the mother did not arrange. With the baby, we do lose a lot of things, no longer possible to fully restore the previous life. But with the baby, we’ll have a new world. No longer just two people, but a family, the family will be in life, slowly adapt to, and slowly harmonious. Although, in this process, we will pay a lot of hard work and effort. But what does it matter to the final result?! < reading recommended > postpartum weight loss, can not do three things caesarean section harm how much? I must check it out below "- – – – click to read the text" into the dove parenting community doctor!