3Shandong will encourage the acquisition or lease of the stock of commercial housing as public rental|Shandong will encourage the acquisition or lease of the stock of commercial housing as public rental

Shandong will be encouraged to acquire or lease housing inventory as public rental – Sohu News of the original title: Shandong explore purchase rental simultaneously housing system to inventory Xinhua Jinan February 15 news reporter learned from the housing and Urban Construction Department of Shandong Province, 15, Shandong Province this year will be through establishing purchase and rental simultaneously housing system, vigorously develop cross-border real estate, encourage other initiatives to guide farmers to purchase, implementation of the real estate to inventory action. According to the Shandong provincial housing department, Shandong Province this year will explore the establishment purchase rental simultaneously of the housing system, foster the development of housing rental market, and guide the development of enterprise sale of rental simultaneously, encourage around the acquisition or long-term lease housing inventory as a public rental housing, to encourage the natural person and the institutional investors to buy commercial housing inventory and promote the housing rental scale, professional development. To encourage and guide farmers to purchase, Shandong urged all localities to do business convergence and policy reserves, provide certain subsidies for farmers to purchase, the fee waiver, loan interest, property fee subsidies and other policies, making it become the long-term stability of the housing consumer groups. In addition, Shandong Province will also promote cross-border real estate development, including to encourage enterprises to use real estate housing stock and the development of tourism, pension, and entrepreneurship, to carry out the diversification strategy; explore the vacant sea view room, mountain view room transformation for holiday hotel, pension real estate and health, home style short rent guest homes to tangible property; will comply with the conditions of non residential transformation inventory for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, electric commercial housing, urban industrial real estate, and other. It is understood that in 2015, Shandong province completed 589 billion 200 million yuan of investment in real estate development, sales of 97 million 270 thousand square meters of commercial housing, sales of 540 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 1.3%, respectively, 6%, 10.8%. (end)