3Sino US Joint Declaration on nuclear security cooperation|Sino US Joint Declaration on nuclear security cooperation

Joint statement on China US cooperation in Nuclear Safety – in Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Washington, March 31 – China US cooperation in nuclear safety joint statement on the occasion of the fourth nuclear security summit was held in Washington, and China and the United States announced our commitment by reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism, to create a peaceful and stable international environment, and the global nuclear security system more tolerance, coordinating, sustainable and strong, to achieve a win-win situation and common security. China and the United States announced that the two sides in February 20, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden held its first bilateral nuclear security dialogue. We plan to continue to carry out the annual bilateral dialogue so as to strengthen cooperation in the prevention of nuclear terrorism and to continue to implement the nuclear security summit. Today, by promising to provide expert resources and funds and in kind donations, to the relevant international institutions according to their respective authorized to carry out the work in nuclear security provides a strong support, we further show the common belief, namely, strong communication and cooperation on nuclear security is very important. We will continue to strengthen cooperation in the key areas of nuclear security. We note. Both parties, especially in the following areas made remarkable achievements, and still continue to maintain contact: will use highly enriched uranium fuel in the miniature neutron source reactor transformation for the use of low enriched uranium fuel, near Beijing, China demonstration micro reactor has been recently used low enriched uranium to open, we expressed satisfaction. On the basis of this successful cooperation, China will continue to work with the United States, the transformation of the high concentration of uranium in Shenzhen University. In addition, China and the United States jointly committed to the International Atomic Energy Agency, as soon as possible to help Garner and Nigeria transformation of its micro reactor. China reaffirms its willingness to implement the transformation of the micro reactor for all other Chinese exports, as requested by the relevant state. In terms of nuclear safety training and best practices, Beijing’s nuclear safety demonstration center in March 18, 2016 successfully completed and formally put into use, China and the United States expressed satisfaction. The demonstration center with the world first-class standard, not only can meet China’s domestic nuclear safety training needs and as the bilateral and regional levels of exchange and optimum operating practice, display platform for advanced technology in the field of nuclear safety. China and the United States will continue to communicate with the nuclear safety training and best practices to maximize the role and effectiveness of the demonstration center. China is also committed to training courses in the demonstration center for regional partners and other international people, in order to further enhance the awareness of nuclear security in the global scope, promote nuclear security exchanges. In the fight against nuclear smuggling, China and the United States will continue to work to prevent terrorists, criminals and other non authorized actors to obtain nuclear and radioactive materials. For the joint efforts of both sides recognize strengthen international cooperation to combat nuclear smuggling, will continue to seek opportunities, deepen the two sides in the investigation of nuclear and radioactive materials smuggling network to detect and recover from the supervision of nuclear and radioactive materials and ensure the safety, and the success of the arrest and prosecution related criminals and so on. China and the United States will make full use of the Chinese customs radiation detection training center, continue to strengthen the coordination of the ability to fight against nuclear smuggling, and share advanced experience with the international community. The two sides will focus on a discussion on the fight against nuclear smuggling in 2016.