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When one sets out to build and strengthen their relationship with their Self, it’s very much like building a new relationship with a potential significant other. Think about it. When you first begin dating someone new, you are on your best behavior, sure to only say nice things and use your best manners. You treat them kindly and with generosity and sweetness. That is of course, if you want to see them again. Let’s agree for the sake of this conversation that you will want to spend more time with your Self, OK? I know it may sound a bit silly, but if you have spent most of your adult life disconnected from your Self, you really do need to get to know your Self again. You’ve changed over the years and you are not the same woman you were even a year ago. Never mind the last time you took a deep meaningful look at the reflection in the mirror. So, as this relationship with your Self begins to grow, you’ll want to spend some quality alone time with this woman inside you to get to know her inner most needs and desires. You’ll want to explore your dreams and passions. Sometimes, you’ll just want to sit quietly with your Self and just BE. Now notice what’s going on for you as you read this. Are you thinking, "Aimee, you’ve really gone off the deep end. You want me to do what? With who?" Just notice that part of you that is resisting this. It’s perfectly normal. We are so accustomed to putting our Self and our needs last and taking care of every other aspect of our lives, that giving deliberate attention to our Self actually seems silly and feels un.fortable. It’s as if we don’t feel we are worthy of the attention. That’s a shame don’t you think? Your Assignment You have permission to ask those resisting thoughts and feelings of dis.fort to sit this exercise out. Tell them they can .e back later if they want AFTER you are done. Here’s what I want you to do: 1. Block off time in your calendar ~ it’s a lot easier if you plan ahead. Of course if you were going on a date with another physical person you would have to set a day and time, right? You’re worth the effort to do the same for time with your Self. Extra Credit: Choose a regular day and time of the week to spend quality time with your Self and block it off for the rest of the year. 2. Set the stage ~ If you’ve planned wisely you will have your space to your Self and there will be no chance of interruptions or distractions. That means NO email, phone or texting. 3. Create the ambiance ~ light scented candles or incense, play your favorite music, make a cup of tea. Buy your Self some flowers. (By now you must be feeling pretty special!) 4. Decide how you will spend your time with your Self ~ some ideas: * .plete this assignment (or one of the bazillion other personal development activities you’ve been "meaning" to do) * Journal * Read your favorite novel * Take a bubble bath * Make a list of all the qualities you love about your Self * Right your Vision Story * Meditate * Create new affirmations * Recite your new affirmations with intense feeling and gusto * Visualize your dreams being your reality * Create your Vision Board * Read a story from "A Juicy Joyful Life" I think you’re getting the picture. This is about treating your Self well. It’s about being kind and loving and caring and .passionate to YOU. It’s about being the example for how you would like others to treat you. If your life is lacking in joy, love, happiness and contentment, it’s up to YOU to create it for your self. Then and only then will others follow your lead. When you do this on a consistent basis, when you begin to spend regular quality time with your Self, you will learn the intimate details of your life. You’ll fall deeper in love with the amazing woman that you are. Just like when you begin to fall for that special someone, you will want to spend more time with your Self and will demonstrate random acts of loving-kindness. You will notice that you talk more positively to your Self and treat your Self with more respect. Would you like a little more of that? Yea? Go grab your calendar and make that date. Go ahead. Right now. Don’t keep your Self waiting a moment longer! Would you share with me how it goes? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: