400 tons of seafood into the market and the public can gobble down.-lm3886

400 tons of seafood into the market and the public can "gobble down" in the East China Sea fishing moratorium completely ended, "the long dormant" fishing in September 19th collective anchor, into the East China Sea fishing seafood. Yesterday morning ten points, the first ship to transport fresh ship returned to Ningbo Fenghua Tong Zhao dock to two o’clock in the afternoon, about 400 tons of water into the city of East China Sea seafood products wholesale market, is expected to be in the table tonight and tomorrow morning Yongcheng go public. According to Lu Lin aquatic products wholesale market leader Rong Yonggan introduced, the market gathered thousands of aquatic products wholesalers, Pomfret, yellow croaker, hairtail, rice fish, red water shrimp and other dozens of East China Sea seafood was put on the shelf, this lively scene will continue until the middle of the night, until all sold out. With the arrival of fresh catches, the average price of aquatic products market slightly lower, below 30 yuan per kilogram mark. It is reported that in good weather conditions, the next few days there will be more fresh ship arrived at the port, the daily market volume of aquatic products will reach 600 tons, the price will be further reduced. Rong Yonggan told reporters that the end of September and early October has always been Yongcheng seafood market in the "golden era", this time, the public can purchase affordable, rich variety of fresh fish and shrimp, gobble down on the National Day holiday "".相关的主题文章: