40Figo Ronaldo with Golden Globes no suspense but I have one more|Figo Ronaldo with Golden Globes no suspense but I have one more8

Figo: C Reyna award is no suspense but I have one more: C Luo Figo to take the ball is no doubt that sina sports recently, Portugal legend Figo accepted the Kobe radio interview. As a Real Madrid and Barcelona have played football players, Figo will inevitably be asked about the two teams. When asked about Messi and C Ronaldo who will win this year’s golden ball, Figo said with certainty: "C Ronaldo will win the golden ball, I think this is a matter of no doubt. C Ronaldo has been very good performance, but it is impossible to win every game scored 3 goals. C Ronaldo is the best in the history of Portuguese football players, from the data point of view, there is no doubt, but out of respect, I think Eusebio is the first person in the history of Portuguese football, while C Ronaldo data really is too good, for me, who is the best players in Portugal right." In addition, Figo also talked about the BBC combination: if they are in the state of three, then they should have appeared on the pitch. Zidane is a stick to their ideas, if he thinks that BBC should be started every game, that is because he thinks it is good for the team." In addition, Figo also praised the Barcelona MSN combination: "MSN is really great, they are one of the best players in the world, I saw them playing together and I enjoyed it very much." Recently Neymar slightly provocative way of playing by some critics, Mr Figo expressed support for Neymar Neymar: "this is football, this is his way of playing, you could not understand your problem." For Guardiola, Figo said: "I had the opportunity to play with him in the hands of Cruyff, he was a staunch nationalist Cruyff, he knows how to make the team better, he and his football philosophy has conquered many champions." For he had from Barcelona Real Madrid, Figo said: "at that time all I remember, I will remember it because it is very important to Spanish football events, but I think I made the right decision." For I have taught their Mourinho at Inter and Figo said: "he is a very personality, when you are working, he will urge you forward, he will be very good in relax, we get along very happy two." (Marco)