41The confusion a country foot may wish to race|The confusion a country foot may wish to race8

It may: Orangemen a "Amazing Race" Chinese men may wish to the round of 12 season as a "reality show", or "present" line, or enjoy a, also calculate value! Others satisfied with it, meaning full worth mentioning, at least to live their own, can afford to play football! So, this time hit Uzi, may not be as dry as Syria to get a wrinkled, her awkward, others looked uncomfortable, when the right is "Amazing Race" one station, hi to go and play, playing up, the next station to hi! Hi my cool, maybe the opponent melted. No matter it is not crisp or soft soft, I will play a football, Europe! Love who will go! Like "speed forward", "running man" and "reality show" program, have absorbed the rules of the game, has become a magic weapon to improve ratings. For the entertainment design rules of the game not to win, but to allow participants to focus more and more passion, more able to do everything possible, after all in order to be more interesting. The football game is the same, or set up this link, the purpose is to let more people participate in the competition of interests, more creative, more willpower. Winning is not an end, it’s fun. If it’s not fun, what about that? The world is so big, playing what is not playing! Money is not good, it is really "two" to "well" in the. "Reality show" type of program, the national football and football in China is still quite a lot of inspiration. "The star of reality show", but utilitarian heart is too heavy, obsessed with their own win, are playing well is not fun, is basically a foil. For decades, Chinese football has always been the most loyal and perfect foil for Asian football. Why? Too utilitarian! Because too utilitarian, we put the first game in the world abruptly into misery. We are in the abyss of misery for too long, it should change the way of living. Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina