44 year old Niu Li fitness show figure behind men (Figure) Qiangjing smile 1256789

44 year old Niu Li fitness show figure behind men smile (Figure) Niu Li Qiangjing fitness Phoenix Entertainment News on October 7th, Niu Li drying out a group of fitness photos, with the text said "stick", in the picture Niu Li is proud, very hard, a lot of strong side coach intimate guide. In one photo, Niu Li behind the man show smile, is to steal the spotlight, some netizens bluntly: "in the end what?" Niu Li fitness netizens have cheered up for her: "come on, exercise is good for health, bang bang da!" "Good Meng yo cow elder sister!" It is reported that Niu Li’s husband is an outsider, 07 years gave birth to a daughter, and now the maintenance of the age of 44, properly, by netizens as "frozen age goddess"". Related news 44 year old Niu Li determined to lose weight! The sun devil figure to motivate yourself (Figure) Niu Li to lose weight Phoenix Entertainment News actor Niu Li starred in "Chuang Zhu East" in her daughter-in-law and loved by everyone. In June 15th, she was drying out a devil figure in the online beauties to motivate themselves, and with the text said: "I want to lose weight, thin". In this regard, netizens commented: "my sister Lili with you together, encourage each other", "Sister Li, you are thin enough" and "heavy brush ten times northeast ah, Zhujiajian big daughter-in-law lately, don’t lean your body good". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: