4Peking University autonomous enrollment will be randomly selected to determine the list of experts a|Peking University autonomous enrollment will be randomly selected to determine the list of experts a

Peking University autonomous enrollment will draw randomly determined list of experts and the order of the interview – Beijing Peking University recently released in 2016. The independent school recruit students general rules, and start the online registration. This year, Peking University in the ordinary category of preferential scores increased by 20 points admission grade, was found to be particularly excellent candidates can be reduced to a maximum of line admission. According to the Peking University 2016 independent recruit students general rules, this year the school enrollment in the number of specialties from 24 last year increased to 27, added four general categories of environment science and engineering class, urban and rural planning, experimental class of Humanities and medical English biomedical professionals, and cancel the art theory of professional enrollment. Preferential scores, Peking University this year still give good examinee college entrance examination scores of a local line can be divided into grades decline in 20, 30, 40, 60 points of preferential policies, particularly outstanding common professional class examinee can be dropped to the admission line. Worthy of attention is that this year is the ordinary of newly added 20 points admission policy, enjoy the policy of the candidates entrance Toudang scores must reach North in the local with a final simulation toudangxian fraction less than 20 points, and at the same time achieve a local score. At the same time, the school year clearly defined, the drop of the magnitude for the college entrance examination score of 750 points of provinces in the implementation of standards, the rest of the provinces in the drop of the magnitude of will according to the proportion of conversion, specific reduced margins to eventually finds notice shall prevail. In addition, in the recruitment process, this year the school will improve the supervision mechanism, in addition to the discipline inspection and supervision departments oversight of the entire course of the trial and test process and test process of the whole video. For the first time clearly defined "list of experts and the order of the interview by a draw randomly determined". It is reported that the north will be published before the end of April preliminary examination by the list of candidates, independent enrollment test time for June 11 to 13 days. (reporter Wei Mengjia)