50Wenger was a rich irony but did not buy bogeba Mourinho is much stronger than he – Sports Sohu|Wenger was a rich irony but did not buy bogeba Mourinho is much stronger than he – Sports Sohu7

Wenger was a rich irony: but did not buy bogeba Mourinho was much more powerful than him – Sohu sports satire Wenger Raiola not   this summer, Arsenal boss Wenger changed very careful in reckoning football philosophy, in the market at 1 hundred million, has signed Zacca and Mustafi and other stars. Nevertheless, Wenger shot again, Pogba agent Raiola irony not, said the French people do not dare to buy players like Pogba, compared with Mourinho, was far worse; of course, Mourinho now is not good, with the weekend Premier League 1-3 away defeat to Waterford, suffered a rare streak of occupation career, the school crisis quietly and, with 89 million pounds from Juventus to Manchester United’s Pogba, its performance is desired, since 5 game did not score, not even assists. "Manchester CEO Ed Woodward a year ago to sign bogeba is also true when in charge, Mourinho Chelsea. So, when two people meet a piece, the deal will naturally happen. Sometimes, you want to complete such a record transfer, there must be a kind of talent, and Mourinho is such a person. For a player, it is too easy to go to Real Madrid, winning the Champions League and La Liga, is very easy, so he wanted to accept more challenges, and thus joined Manchester united. Mkhitaryan transfer is somewhat complicated, we and a number of other Premier League clubs even agreed, but was against Dortmund united, then intervention, and finally completed the deal." Pogba’s agent Raiola Schmidt said Arsene Wenger, the French did not irony, "to be honest, this is not just money reasons, this is to shoulder the responsibility, sometimes must have such confidence, ‘well, this is what I need." Arsenal have money, but no seed. I have a lot of respect for Wenger, who has a philosophy in football philosophy, and that’s the number that matches the player. I know that Wenger is very interested in setting the price but Juventus bogeba, so that he could not find the corresponding solution in his football philosophy. Manchester United completed bogeba transaction, the release of a signal to the world ", they are the biggest clubs on the planet."" (nineteen)