53Tianjin on the four winds problem is not in place responsibility down to check the implementation of|Tianjin on the four winds problem is not in place responsibility down to check the implementation of2

Tianjin: the four winds issues not in place to implement the responsibility down the investigation – the county unit Beijing for further strict discipline, earnestly self-discipline during the holiday season of the work, recently, Tianjin City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to the party organizations at all levels in the city issued "on the mid autumn day that the" eight forbidden eight no "resolutely prevent" rebound notice the four winds problem ". The circular stressed the use of public funds is strictly prohibited to purchase, gift moon cake, local specialties and other gifts, not allowed to use public funds to violate custom, buy, gift souvenirs, souvenirs, etc.. It is prohibited to exceed the scope, beyond the standard payment of holiday benefits, no spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses and kind. Forbidden to send and receive gifts gifts violations, not illegal to send and receive various securities, payment vouchers, consumer cards, electronic envelopes etc.. Non Gongjusiyong, private car public support, not illegal to other units and individuals to borrow vehicles. Prohibited illegal to make arrangements for weddings, are not allowed to take the opportunity to batches, small size, and more to make arrangements, different ways make arrangements for money. Prohibited illegal public funds or disguised public funds in domestic and foreign tourism, are not allowed to accept the management of the service object arranged entertainment, domestic and foreign tourism. Prohibited illegal golf, not allowed to accept the management of golf club membership card. Not allowed to use public funds in training centers, canteens, guest houses, nursing homes, farmhouse and other places to organize a secret party. Party organizations at all levels should bear the main responsibility to strictly, the National Day during the Mid Autumn Festival, is the wind Su Ji as an important task, early research, early deployment, early warning, unrelenting, sustained force. To grasp the implementation of the system, strict implementation of the provisions of self-discipline and style building. Strengthen the guidance of public opinion, support and encourage the masses and the media to actively participate in supervision. The overall planning, combining patrol patrol work, take effective measures to increase efforts to maintain a high pressure situation, and resolutely prevent the four winds problem rebound resurgence. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should conscientiously implement the oversight responsibility, discipline and rules in the very front, based on Zhuazao grasping small, good use of "four forms", strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability. Improve and implement the organization and coordination of discipline inspection departments bright card check + + media play advantage + volunteers actively participate in the "four in one" mechanism, play the positive wind Su Ji "combination of boxing". According to the new trend of the four winds problem of new, innovative ways, big eyes, deep scrutiny. Violation of orders and prohibitions, the convergence does not close hand against the wind, processed together found together, continue to release a strong signal will be strict discipline. On the "four winds" repeated violations of discipline problems do not check, suppression of concealment, processing districts and units are not in place, and implement the responsibility down the investigation of a case of double check, both to pursue the main responsibility and oversight responsibility, and responsibility pursue leadership responsibility, Party organization. The typical problems giving names bulletin exposure, form a strong deterrent. (Tianjin City Commission for Discipline Inspection)