58Eriksson Hulk has recovered starting tomorrow questioned Wu Lei very absurd – Sports Sohu|Eriksson Hulk has recovered starting tomorrow questioned Wu Lei very absurd – Sports Sohu6

Eriksson: Hulk has recovered starting tomorrow questioned Wu Lei very absurd – Hong Kong Sports Sohu for Guoan Hulk Hulk to assault state and full of vigor and vitality to appear on the Hong Kong team and Beijing Guoan in pre competition training. Just before the press conference, Erickson is directly revealed — "the Hulk will start". Erickson said: "the Hulk is very good, has recovered, training with the team for two weeks, can play tomorrow. As for the full 90 minutes can not be determined, at least can play for 60 minutes, he will enter the starting lineup." The Hong Kong team this afternoon at the Shanghai stadium to adapt to the venue, this time the Hulk finally joined the team’s training. It can be seen that the Hulk is waiting for tomorrow’s game. From the training situation, Hulk before injury also has no problem, is expected to be really "full of blood return". A national security, will not leave "super and AFC Champions League for AFC Champions League, two games are very important, near the end of the league, each team has a goal. We, too, are not satisfied with the current situation of the league, so it will discharge the strongest lineup to fight for the best results." Erickson said, "tomorrow after the game, we will consider the problem of AFC Champions League." Indeed, the Hong Kong team is currently ranked fourth in the league, can obtain the qualification for next season AFC Champions League is unclear. Therefore, the super game must also be full attack, grab more points, as soon as possible to enhance their rankings. In the press conference before the game Cai Huikang also agree with coach’s view, "we want to play well in the game, get good grades, to continue to participate in the AFC Champions League in next year. The game is very difficult, want to play a game, and treated, can go further." Erickson held for the uneven before the game on the press conference, but also appeared in the scene of the moving scene of Wu Lei. When a reporter asked Cai Huikang about Wu Lei being questioned in the national team in the game, Cai Huikang said: "this was praised as the occupation player in prosperity, adversity has been questioned, it is often some things. Wu Lei in the eyes of our teammates is always so active, self-motivated, self demanding, his ability is beyond doubt. Maybe his luck is not very good, I think he can adjust the mentality, to make more contributions to the team, more goals." When the host to announce the end of the conference, Erickson took the initiative to grab the microphone, said he had something to say – the recent question of Wu Lei is crazy and ridiculous. Do you want to see the player on the court is not very hard, is not to do his best, if he did this, it is unfair to criticize him. Even Messi would waste his time. If he doesn’t work hard, you can criticize him, but he has gone all out and should not be questioned. So for Wu Lei’s criticism, I do not buy it." Erickson also revealed that Wu Lei will play in tomorrow’s game, the national team players are back, although some fatigue, but has been ready for tomorrow’s game, there is no problem. Wu Lei himself is looking forward to playing.