60 uncle after crossing into the two dimensional tailoring for 90 after do cos service-音羽かなで

60 uncle after crossing into the two dimensional tailoring for 90 after the north to do the cos service in the production of the role of cos clothing. In the role playing (Cosplay) circle, uncle uncle is quite well-known tailor tailor. As long as the fabric and design drawings come home, he will be able to map the two dimensional legend. Uncle tailor shop opened in North Wuyi road. Walked into the store, "through the sense of" hit: more than and 20 square meters of houses, four Taiwan old sewing machines lined up, cloth, scissors, interspersed color line. However, the old things that are full of artifacts output: sense of violation and covered with Batman, pirates, Superman and other colorful characters on the curtain wall (COS). Day north uncle still having breakfast, ordinary rice porridge with pickles sauce, eyes slightly swollen. "Are you 70 or 80?" Reporters carefully asked. "Ha ha, I am 60." "Why is it called Uncle Uncle?" "Coser (role playing) gave me. Before the opening of the park in Zhabei, Zhabei Park uncle well, referred to as’ uncle’." North uncle was born in 1967, he obviously did not expect, with the cutting technology has become the two dimensional tailor. The traditional tailor broke into the circle of COS, Jiang Keqin, from Jiangsu, the hometown of Chinese traditional tailors, Taixing. "My father was a tailor, and I came out as a tailor when I was a teenager." North uncle said. In 1994, he opened a tailor’s shop in Zhabei Park, when the tailor walked down the road, he began to do the costumes. An accidental opportunity, North uncle and Coser knot. On that day, there was a fat, with Cosplay girl passing glimpse of North TERT costume shop to hang out, he came to the door. The girls North gestures garb tert cos. "If you have a design, I’ll try." The north is a promise. It was a simple pirate outfit in the cos suit, and he thought about it all night. To take the clothes, the girls sing praises. Later, the girl introduced a lot of friends to the north of the store to do clothing, north of the next cos list more and more. That year, the rise of cosplay in China, North uncle broke into the cos circle. "No one can do it." The uncle said, this and the traditional tailors are not the same, a cos suit a style, each piece is not heavy like, than the traditional clothing style is complex. The room was filled with North TERT comic books, those young people to design new to him. Cos do a lot of clothes, the uncle of the ring in the ring also rang, he began to specialize in this piece. A lot of players to buy Taobao, but it is difficult to achieve personalized requirements." Some customers in the Taobao shop to buy, feel inappropriate, or too rough work, to get the North uncle shop changed. Two years ago, the Zhabei Park shop demolition, uncle uncle moved to the store in Wuyi Road. Cos like to go to the fair for more than and 10 years, North TERT handled cos didn’t take thousands of pieces, but he rarely see cos show. The only time the Expo was seen with her daughter. The scene is very imposing, watching them wear their own clothes cut, a little sense of accomplishment." The cos family festival, North uncle’s attitude相关的主题文章: