60Ningxia Yinchuan informed the teacher needle child someone’s kindergarten was downgraded – Sohu news|Ningxia Yinchuan informed the teacher needle child someone’s kindergarten was downgraded – Sohu news1

Ningxia Yinchuan informed the teacher needle child: someone’s kindergarten was downgraded – Sohu news Xinhua Yinchuan November 20th news (reporter Ai Fumei) Ningxia Yinchuan District of Xingqing City, a private kindergarten teacher suspected needle bar take students, more than children suspected of red needle point. At present, the police are fully investigation, someone’s nursery has been demoted, teachers involved have been suspended. Reporters learned that 16 evening, Xingqing District Qing Lake kindergarten class 3 children 5 years old Geng Geng (a pseudonym) mother Ms. Zhang found the child’s foot, back and buttocks appear suspected red point needle. Ms. Zhang told reporters that the child said to be disobedient because the teacher was tied. Subsequently, the class 6 other parents in children suspected of red needle point. The school failed to inquire after the parents alarm. The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region public security department 19, 14 PM in the official micro-blog "@ Ping Ningxia" reported that after the incident, the Xingqing Public Security Bureau to carry out the investigation, Xingqing district government has ordered the rectification, the kindergarten teachers involved in suspension. A preliminary investigation by the police, clear lake kindergarten class 3 Teacher Zhou in the education management process will be suspected of using the needle stabbed 6 students. Police in the investigation found that kindergarten monitoring failure, Zhou I deny. 19, 2009, Xingqing District Bureau of Education held in the clear lake kindergarten children will be notified of the incident, Xingqing District Bureau of education, clear lake kindergarten were informed of the situation in accordance with the current situation to deal with the views of the person in charge of the 18. Xingqing District Education Bureau informed that the Bureau of education of zero tolerance for such events, the clear lake kindergarten child injury event, the education department will start with everything for the children for physical and mental health, the spirit does not cover, do not hide the attitude, serious investigation and handling, and ordered the zoo for injured children and make treatment psychological counseling. According to the current situation, Xingqing District Education Bureau will be reported to the relevant department to cancel the qualification for a class of clear lake kindergarten kindergarten, reduced to two yuan; after the approval of the relevant authorities, fees in accordance with the two kind of garden charges. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of education is not reduced to minus two yuan after class, selected provincial demonstration garden of Yinchuan City fifth kindergarten nursery management team stationed in the clear lake. Reporters learned that the clear lake kindergarten in the afternoon of 18 of the teachers involved were suspended. 19 am, Qing Lake kindergarten organized to apologize to the injured child parents. And in parental consent under the premise, to hurt children to do a comprehensive physical examination, and please give the injured child counselors actively do psychological counseling work; for injured children to make appropriate economic compensation for dismissal; give executive director.