63Interview with Ren peacetime 1 personal training is too difficult to ignore the question (video)|Interview with Ren peacetime 1 personal training is too difficult to ignore the question (video)7

Interview renhang: usually 1 personal training too hard could not ignore [] report questioned the Orangemen 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole sports in Shenyang in September 7th (the Tencent Zhao Yu) today at half past one in the morning, renhang update a circle of friends, is a China team lineup photo, photo introduced only two words: "efforts!" "Before the various voices, no mind is not possible. Pressure is too large, the outside world can not imagine." Ren told Tencent sports interview, said. After the game, he felt all the pressure on the release of the body, and then quietly in the circle of friends wrote a "hard" two words. Because he did not renew the contract with the Jiangsu Suning club, he has not been able to join the team in the past two months to participate in the super game, even with the team’s training has been canceled. Constant brigade Li Xuepeng, Luneng team also had a similar situation, the Football Association, the national team with the club after the communication, the two have appeared in the super Stadium on the. Still can not be allowed to race, can not train with the team, which also seriously affected his state. "Although the club can not train, but I still want to go back to Nanjing for the first time, professional players. However, some things I really can not……" As for how to spend the next month, Ren navigation is not clear, take a step further." In the face of criticism can not take it personally: today morning sports Tencent specially made a circle of friends, is not feeling very much? Ren hang: Yes, the pressure is too much before their own game. Tencent Sports: what are you talking about? Ren hang: there are a lot of questions after the end of the first game, after all, there is no match for a long time. I was not in good shape, but I got the first chance. Although the players should not be affected by the sound effects, but to be honest, you can not take it personally. Always wanted to play better, less questioned. Continue to serve as the starting guard renhang facing outside many questioned the Tencent: because of not playing sports before death preliminaries twelve match this level of the game, you are in the first game with the South Korean team will be nervous? Ren hang: not so nervous, mentality or some problems, after all, China’s national team has not played this game for fifteen years, the understanding of the game is still not enough. And it’s really hard to go away. Tencent Sports: you have not played for a long time before the game, even the super game can not play, play such a game with the rhythm of it? Ren hang: Fortunately, some of the attention may be worse, including the feeling of the game is still a little short. Tencent Sports: second games with Iran play is not a little better? Ren: second may be better than before. I keep my mind clear, regardless of the ball or the people, to maintain absolute focus, always one hundred percent into the game, so play better than the first game. Usually a person training, it is quite difficult for Tencent Sports: after the end of the first game, there are a lot of questions about you, you see these voices when the question is what mood? Ren hang: certainly very sad heart. I didn’t have a lot of training at the club before.